Fat and fed up, need to lose 60lbs

I am a 56 year old man, living in Saudi Arabia, and have kidded myself for a while that, if I just do this or do that, I will get back to what I consider is a good weight for me. I just got back from a week on business in Germany, and on seeing some photos of the seminar I attended, it suddenly dawned on me that ‘the fat guy on the right’ was me.

To be honest I felt sick to think that I had let myself go so much, but after years of team sports and weight training until about forty years of age, after some years of denial, a combination of bad diet and lack of activity has hit me like a train.

My eating habits are erratic - I eat next to nothing all day, but drink about six cups of coffee, and don’t believe I eat much in the evenings (honest!!) - but my activity is at zero, and I can easily give you a thousand excuses why, as I tell them to myself every day.

I am hoping I can get the kick up the arse that I need from this group, and with 60lbs to lose, I need it!


Hey welcome to the forum @Homerkjs!

I would highly recommend joining a MVFIA 30 day group help becomes more accountable for the day to day and may also help understand where it is that you need that kick up the arse for :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike, I really do need something to keep me motivated!

have a read through here see what you think then send @admin a message with a picture and add your name on the list and we can get you added to the next up and coming group.

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Welcome to the forum/website @Homerkjs!

One of the best decisions I ever made was joining here so I hope it works out for you too!

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Hello @Homerkjs - You are in the right place for advice and help.

I have been exactly where you are - and it sucks.

Just holla if you want any tips or advice.


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Welcome @Homerkjs, from one 50-something guy to another. :slight_smile:

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…and from another 50 something, welcome, come on in! Have a look about and then join a group. I lurked for a while and then a bit like you asked a question, got responses that got me in the right place to get going with it. Do it. :+1: :grinning:

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So you have a good background in sports! I imagine you live in a compound and therefore you have access to a pretty good gym and pool. I’m guessing you will have a supermarket with all that you can desire too. You have everything you physically need to transform yourself. You just need to cross the mental abyss and sort out your reasons why.

Congrats on finding is here and I wish you well!


You must be eating something to put on the weight. A lot of times we do not realize the “snacks” we put in our months without paying attention. Coffee hardly has any calories unless you load it up with milk and sugar.

Lack of activity will not make you fat (just not that fit), it is the extra calories each day that packs the pounds. I always use the example of cookies. If you eat ONE cookie a day extra at 78 calories a day, in one year you will gain 8 pounds. Most overweight people eat more than one extra cookie a day.

I’d suggest as a first step to log everything you eat and drink to get an idea of what you are putting in your body, then go from there.

Many people on these forums started from where you are, so it is doable with a commitment and the right mindset.


Welcome to the forum you made a great decision joining here. You will loads of useful help, advice and support - just ask. Good luck on your journey. In terms of exercise just put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

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Thanks for your support!

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Thanks all for you support, already I am feeling a bit better about myself!

You are correct ‘geoffbeckett’, all in walking distance too. Add to that a lot of air travel and hotels (I know, they have gyms!) and you get the picture, and ‘tanks’, my food and drink log is already being sorted out (or should I call it the ‘truth book’?)

Next step, join a MVFIA …


I’ll just join the chorus of praise for the MVFIA teams. Since 1st Jan, I’ve lost over 20lb owing to the support on here which has enabled me to adopt an effective regime and stick with it.

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And as a 51 year old guy who lost 70 pounds a couple years ago, I’m here to tell you it’s definitely possible!


Welcome. One word of encouragement. Don’t wait. All that you want for your health is achievable but don’t wait. Act now and set things in motion. Commit to the groups and start your planning. Go!

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Welcome aboard. Have a look at the rate people are losing weight on here. There’s a consensus that sow and steady wins the race, so don’t go looking for miracles. Hope to see you in one of the MVFIA grops

Surely that’s 2 words?? Cmon even I know that and I’ve got an IQ of a door handle :wink:


Haha! You’re right. Words have always been my thing, not numbers. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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