Fat Jeans - Slim Jeans


I don’t know how you guys dress, but my wardrobe is full of jeans. Some of them are too big for me now, but I haven’t gone through them yet to discard the large sizes.
I’m currently in a size 36 jeans. I was in a 40 at one point.
I used to be 32 for many years and I would like to get back to that size.
As a goal to aim for, I have bought myself a nice pair of 34 Wrangler black cowboy cut jeans. Why cowboys are cutting jeans in the garment industry these days I don’t know. Obviously cattle ranching isn’t keeping them from needing a second job.
Anyway I can’t get into the new jeans at the moment. I’ve only just got down to a 36, but I’m going to try them, on the last day of every month until they fit. Then I’m going to buy a pair of 32 jeans and start again.


No new jeans needed here! I’m set up all the way from 38 (current) down to 32s. They’re all in the wardrobe begging to be worn again … hopefully I can make it as I love the 32" pair.


You should have bought Levi’s - bit more play in them. I bought 34" waist, there is no way I’m 34" at the minute, but looks good when I’ve got them on!



It’s a second hand pair of jeans to keep me checking how much I’m loosing. I used to be a 32" waist. So if I can get down to the 34" Wranglers I will be very happy.
When I tried them on today the flys were as wide as they would open and the button and button hole are at least 4" apart. I have a lot to lose still.
I’m wearing a new pair of 36" Levi 501 at the moment, so I’m taking on board your comments about Levi’s being more forgiving to wear.


Sizes piss me off. I have three pairs of jeans. Levi’s 34’’ waist, way too big. Paul Smith 34" jeans, very snug, Edwin 32" jeans just right. I loved moving to 32" but my waist, as measured properly, is just under 37". Weird.


My waist for my suits being made 36.8 inch

36 Levi’s too tight. Go figure


And why the f@ck do they make 18" neck shirts “skinny fit” … if I’m a 18" neck the last thing I need to look like someone who’s having an allergic reaction!


I have a big head and a thick neck to support it. I need skinny fit shirts to stop me looking like I’m walking round in a Mumu like Demis Roussos.
I’m cylindrical when over weight rather than Apple shape.