Fatboy swim

See i like 2 try out different kinds of exercise so i can keep it from gettin boring plus i wanna make the most of all whats included in me gym pass

But theres 1 thing am not in2 n thats swimming. I use 2 like it when i was a kid but i wont really do it now 1 reason n 1 reason only which is how much i hate the idea of gan topless in public. Do u think most ppl feel like that or what?

Am tryna think if theres some obvious reason i missed how come u cant get blokes swimming gear what covers up ur top half. I think thatd b good me :sweat_smile:

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They’re called wetsuits.


Do u think ppl will look at u funny if u wear it at the swimming pool or is it normal? I cant say i ever seen it but av not been swimming in a long time

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@Biffa94 def go swimming. About 2 years ago I started going at my YMCA and I was really self conscious at first so I wore a short sleeved swim shirt from Lands End. After a few laps, I took it off and finished my workout.

Our Y has a pool w a wall of floor to ceiling windows facing the lobby so loads of people can see me. I realized a few things:

  1. if i dont look at others, i dont think they are looking at me. Its a lie but it works

  2. anyone who notices me would probably think what i think when i see someone my size swimming - that guy is working out and improving his health

  3. i know i’m not a handsome young guy, so my assumption is that I generally go un-noticed

I also took a few private swim lessons so I could get down the basics and be more confident in the pool.

I also see A LOT of people my age (52) and size (264 lbs)

You get a great return on your investment w swimming. Better shoulder, arms, back, legs…it all gets worked out. I also find it very stress reducing.

1st time was hard but 2 years on, 3x a week and I feel so much better.

Hope this helps. If you have other Qs just let me know . I am happy to keep encouraging you.


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Cheers pal thats great. I like how u never even needed the swim top after all. Suppose its about focussin on what u get from it n not from other ppl what they mite say or not. Glad its going good 4 u … perhaps in the new year thatll b me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Biffa, this is my first post on these forums so bare with me!

I used to have the same problem as you, body conscious wise, but one day just snapped out of it and thought to myself, if someone else has got a problem, wants to laugh and make fun of how big i am (6’2’’ and 20+ stone, majority of the weight on my thighs and gut) WHILST i am doing exercise making an effort to do something about it, it says more about their shallow personality and train of thought than it does about my, yours or anyone else’s commitment for a healthier lifestyle.

I couldn’t walk around town or our local esplanade/seafront area topless like some people do in the summer because i personally think it’s tacky and distasteful, but when the time and place is appropriate why should you suffer in doing something you naturally want to do.

When i go swimming with me wife and daughter i literally look like the whale washed up on the beach but it stopped bothering me because i am there for me and 90% of the time to have fun with my daughter and the water helps with my back (i have a slipped & degenerating discs).

Screw what people think about you, you are doing it for you and what makes you happy. Losing face too these sorts of situations can make you upset, send you into depression, anxiety and have all sorts of negative repercussions which will only affect you and quite frankly, all because of other people opinions which really don’t matter!

This summer my family went on holiday abroad and I embarrassed them because i’m the only one who is obese, but my 1 holiday in the last 4 years, my 2nd ever holiday abroad I couldn’t of cared less. I wore bright and loud swim shorts and clothes, I was jumping in the pool, on every ride at the water park, I drew lots of attention, but a few people commented, you and your daughter look like you’re having a great time on that ride etc… and for me that was worth more than the couple of thousand people that looked and laughed.

Ultimately, do what makes you happy, it’s your one and only chance at life, its only ever yours so don’t let anyone else dictate it for you.

Now go bloody swimming!!! :smiley:

Take care bud!


Ah thats class mate good 4 u !! U got the right attitude at the end of the day if ppl got a problem well thats there problem. Am glad u got 2 join in n its a fun thing with ur family. Think ill try 2 do it next year. Resolution

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