Fatboy swim

See i like 2 try out different kinds of exercise so i can keep it from gettin boring plus i wanna make the most of all whats included in me gym pass

But theres 1 thing am not in2 n thats swimming. I use 2 like it when i was a kid but i wont really do it now 1 reason n 1 reason only which is how much i hate the idea of gan topless in public. Do u think most ppl feel like that or what?

Am tryna think if theres some obvious reason i missed how come u cant get blokes swimming gear what covers up ur top half. I think thatd b good me :sweat_smile:

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They’re called wetsuits.


Do u think ppl will look at u funny if u wear it at the swimming pool or is it normal? I cant say i ever seen it but av not been swimming in a long time

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@Biffa94 def go swimming. About 2 years ago I started going at my YMCA and I was really self conscious at first so I wore a short sleeved swim shirt from Lands End. After a few laps, I took it off and finished my workout.

Our Y has a pool w a wall of floor to ceiling windows facing the lobby so loads of people can see me. I realized a few things:

  1. if i dont look at others, i dont think they are looking at me. Its a lie but it works

  2. anyone who notices me would probably think what i think when i see someone my size swimming - that guy is working out and improving his health

  3. i know i’m not a handsome young guy, so my assumption is that I generally go un-noticed

I also took a few private swim lessons so I could get down the basics and be more confident in the pool.

I also see A LOT of people my age (52) and size (264 lbs)

You get a great return on your investment w swimming. Better shoulder, arms, back, legs…it all gets worked out. I also find it very stress reducing.

1st time was hard but 2 years on, 3x a week and I feel so much better.

Hope this helps. If you have other Qs just let me know . I am happy to keep encouraging you.


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Cheers pal thats great. I like how u never even needed the swim top after all. Suppose its about focussin on what u get from it n not from other ppl what they mite say or not. Glad its going good 4 u … perhaps in the new year thatll b me :slightly_smiling_face:

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