Favourite Healthy Meal


What’s everyone’s favourite go to meal to keep them on the straight and narrow?

Mine at the moment is Chicken and Chorizo Stew. Love it and deadd easy to make and wife and child are enjoying it too.


2 meals I eat most:

Stir fry. Sweet chilli sauce, extra chilli flakes, chicken breast, beansprouts & vegetables. Under 400 calories.
Mackerel salad - tinned mackerel in sauce (BBQ, sweet chilli are my faves) with as much salad as you want. All churned over in bowl so the sauce flavours everything. Circa 300 calories (yes could make this for less basic mackerel, but oh those flavours…)

Oh and stuffed mushrooms, using low fat chive soft cheese & a crushed ryvita for topping.


Salmon and spinach or cabbage is the winner for me. Filling and all good.


Slightly different answer but I really find Kabuto noodle pots a really good option for lunchtime. They’re basically dignified Pot Noodles but they really do fill you up and come in at around 300 calories.

For a tea I’d have to say salmon with green tea, chilli con carne or curried roast chicken pieces. I’m drooling now.