First Season Strood



HI All,

Just felt after last night that i would stick a little post on here after what i can only describe as a success for a first season of MvF in Strood.

I signed up after my Mum sent me the link on Facebook - initially, i was a bit sceptical and embarrassed that i would sign up for it but after reading feedback and seeing other guys losses, i thought why not? The sign up night was an eye opener for me; there was a high number of people the same size if not bigger than me of various ages, and i just thought that i really wanted to make a go of it after joining up with my team mates (Green Giants) and having a bit of banter.

The first few weeks it was evident that there were varying levels of ability, fitness, and weight. It felt like to me that every team other than our own were all formed with guys who were mates and that they all knew each other well. The first month i think we got hammered every game.

However after a few addition and changes in personnel, plus some withdrawals, we got our team sorted and started to enjoy it more. Our Whatsapp group for the team has a lot of banter and pisstaking but also some helpful tips and encouragement. Due to our poor start both on and off the pitch, we have pretty much played catch up the last 7 weeks, however we have had some notable good performances, especially a very close loss to the eventual winners of the league, the Reds.

We go into our last game next week knowing that a win might see us not finish bottom, and with several of the lads close to certain weight targets, this could be achievable.

So what were the good and bad points; first the bad points, the rules during gameplay need to be more concrete. The ref has done a good job but the rules are so flaky and need to be set in stone. Seondly, the support the coach gets. I appreciate that this is a nation wide scheme, but it seems he has lacked support from MvF for the weigh in part especially. Thirdly, game time. I think where i am from a fitness perspective at the moment, that 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time and that the game is over in a flash. Maybe upping the match duration to 45 mins perhaps?
The positives are clear, first the weight loss and the rules in that respect have probably saved many of the guys lives; it has had a huge impact on my own health and i have recommended it to a lot of people. The second, is the team. We have all formed a common bond and shared some right laughs over the season. It’s a feeling that is unique to all of us as we are the first people to do it from our area. Thirdly, the coach himself. Lou has been a huge motivator for all the guys here, dropping words of encouragement and banter when needed. He has pushed me at a personal level to reach weightloss goals and i can’t thank him enough.

Any way, that’s enough from me. On to next week and chasing that elusive third win and then down the pub to celebrate. Thanks MvF for helping me.

Sam Hughes or “Sponge” from the Green Giants.


I think the 30 minute match lengths was a stipulation from the FA because of the likelihood of fat, overweight men participating. I may be wrong.

What we do in Newcastle is play other days & nights amongst ourselves. There is a 5 a side Tuesdays, 7 a side Thursdays and 11 a side Saturdays.


I think we would probably do something like that here, but it would be getting an idea on the numbers. Friday night would be an ideal night just before weekend and i bet it would keep 50% of the lads out the boozer.

Yeah maybe right, I just think that the games seem to be over quicker than they start.


Well we did it, we finished the season with a win, both on the pitch and off it, with a couple of the boys getting their 10% and a couple just shy of theirs, but we didn’t finish bottom!

I ended the season with a 15.7 kg loss and 10.8% gone of my body weight, losing 15 cm or 6" off of my waist. I’m so happy and proud of the achievement, but also last night looking around at some of the guys from all the teams on how well they have done. Massive shout to Craig from the reds and Ohran from the yellows who have absolutely dominated the weight loss front.

I’d like to say big thanks to every one of the players who have taken part and shared some great games and laughs on the pitch.To the referee who has divided opinion but ultimately, has made it enjoyable also. And to our Coach Louis for continuing his support and efforts throughout the season.

On to the next one on the 7th - I am hoping that we can do a Leicester and go from cannon fodder to the Championship… #wishfulthinking!

Also, here’s my before and afters of the 14 weeks… still so handsome!



I’d play other nights of the week if it was available.

Agree with most of what’s been said and it’s been a good season all round.


I’d definitely be up for a Friday night one, it would ensure i never get tempted by the Pub (well almost never) and would be a good kick start to the weekend.


I would also be interested in playing maybe on Friday nights can I also echo sponges comment on a big thank you to Lou who has done a fantastic job with both advice and support to all players looking forward to 7th January and starting again


Just found out that as a league we broke the record for most weight lost in a single season with 694.1 Kg lost between everyone. What an achievement that is. Congratulations to all involved.



im hoping to register for the next season - as it finished were there any spaces available in teams or were you guys maxed out at 80 (so would be put on the waiting list :slight_smile: )


Think there were spaces available mate. But i think there is quite a large waiting list now.


So we finished last night with a tournament before the final presentations. It was quite a good crack as our Coach mixed all the teams up. I remained on the Green team and we had one or two different players. All the games were 10 minutes with the top two teams playing a final, and low and behold, the Greens defeated the Whites in the final (poetic irony that the two bottom teams won the tournament).

Anyway, we had the presentations afterwards where the likes of Mark, Dave, Ohran and Craig all achieved some incredible results and were rightly awarded so. The blues won the overall weight loss crown whilst the Reds won the overall league.

We now get to enjoy 2 weeks of gluttony (i highly doubt it from my own perspective but you never know) and then go again from the 7th i believe. Only question is will our coach mix the teams as per last night; if he does, it could be a dominant season for the Greens!

Happy Christmas to all and enjoy it.



Just a picture from before the tournament the other night of most of the delinquents. Well done to all you lads!


Registration on Monday! Hoping the scales are going to be kind after a good few weeks off over the Christmas period! Hoping to see some new players signing up as well to make it an even more enjoyable season.


Hi I just wanted to introduce myself my names Max, Im 26 and I live in Snodland. I have been allocated to the Green Giants team and looking forward to meeting everyone next week at the registration.

I can’t wait to get started and dust off my football boots!


How’s it going bud! Good to see you post! You’re joining up with the Giants, we are hoping to do a Leicester this season and win league! Shame you are a Chelsea fan though, but suppose every team has got one… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a good plan! although can’t promise that I’m going to be like the new Kante for the green giants :neutral_face:
I was thinking I need to buy a green top, I’m guessing what you are wearing in your pic is something like I need to get?


Great seeing you lads do so well from afar.
Whilst I live in Newcastle now, I was born in Kent & did 15 years on the railways down there.


@Max, yes mate, any old green top will do. Good luck finding one though! Sports Direct by my work did my size which was lucky.

@Darren, cheers buddy! What i’d give to live in Newcastle for a while - night life is a joy to behold… haha


So Registration night first weigh in and i only put on .4 of a Kilo since the end of last season nearly a month ago. Well happy with that especially with Christmas in the middle of it all. So i start the season on 131.5 Kg. Going for at least 11.5 Kg loss i hope.

Up the Giants!


New season begins tonight and we are up first against the purples! Hopefully with a full team and plenty of effort we can get off to a good start on the old scales and on the pitch.

Up the Giants!