First Season Strood



So first game down and a 9-3 win. In all honesty, probably should have been more as we missed a hatfull more. However on the scales, we finished bottom of the pile as a team after week one! With only a 0.1Kg loss for me… :frowning: So next week gonna have to do better and smash them scales!

Up the giants!


I noticed before your league has big scores, are your goalkeepers rubbish or something? :smiley:

Our league had the odd big score but for instance, the final 4 matches on monday night produced scores of 1-0, 3-0, 3-1 & 4-0.


Haha, i wouldn’t say so. Some are better than others. I think that all the teams have a good mix of physical capability, but some have better technical ability than others. We scored 9 but played good football at times and really should have been more.


Been ill the last few days so haven’t had a chance to post, but Matchday 2 was another win, 7-5! and we all lost on the scale too. This puts us second on goal difference to the Reds. A good week personally, shipping 2kg this week! Bloody marvellous!


Matchday 3 and a 7-5 win against the Yellows! Think we might be beaten overall on the scales as they had a 5%, but still another win on the pitch means we have already equalled our 3 wins for last all of last season! Hoping for one 5% next week as a difficult game against the blues who always seem to lose a lot of weight.


Matchday 4 and a 5-5 draw against the Blues. Fair result i’d say as we did have a lot of chances but they had one very good one on one towards end that would have killed it had not been for a good save from our keeper. We lost overall on combined weight and pitch though, me and another of the lads both put on which was not the best. But still unbeaten on pitch. Next week brings up top of table clash against the reds so hard week needed on the scales.


Matchday 5 and a 5-2 defeat to the Reds. Think overall they deserved to win. Disappointing for us as we gave away 2 goals in first minute. Yours truly bagged a goal and assist and also a 2kg loss which is my best this season so far. We lost on scales although one of our lads did manage his 5% so massive congrats. Still a very close and hard fought game between us and the best team in the league once again, so not to disheartened. We go again next week against the Whites!


Match day 6 and a 7-7 draw with the Whites. Think we really should have won this comfortably but gave them probably 4 goals. We lost overall on scales as they got a 5% too. I put on 0.7 as well after having a week ill and no training, plus a wedding on Saturday night with a lot more alcohol than i was happy drinking :confused: A reset for me and the team i think is in order and we can get back to winning ways, both on and off the pitch. Up the Green Army!


Matchday 7 and a 6-3 loss on pitch, 14-14 off of it with scales against the Blacks. Got a bit feisty out there with both teams being a bit naughty in the tackle. Blacks probably deserved the win on balance of play. Another hat-trick for yours truly on pitch and a kilo loss off it so happy with that. We had one team member do his 5% this week and will probably get another 2 next week. Next round of fixtures begins next week so hopefully we can get off to a good start. UTG!


Matchday 8 and a very close fought match with the Purples resulting in a 6-5 loss, however a big win off the pitch and overall as we had 2 5% and a few getting a hat-trick for weight loss, including yours truly. Bagged yet another hat trick on the pitch and probably could have had 3 more after hitting post 3 times. Big shout outs to Lee and Ady for hitting their 5% and also to Dan for being close to his 10% for us. Also shout out to Sarv on the Whites for being the first to hit his 10% in 8 weeks which is massively impressive! I’m hopeful that next week i finally hit the 5% and then push really hard to try and nail the 10% by about Matchday 13. UTG.


Matchday 9 and a 6-5 loss to the Oranges, however an 18-9 victory overall. Was a bit disappointed as the Oranges could only get 5 guys and had two players from other teams play for them and score 5 of their goals, plus I had a perfectly good freekick chalked off by the Ref, whom i have lost a lot of patience with.

On a plus note though, i did manage to hit my 5% last night with another 1.2Kg off. So i am properly made up about that. On to next week with a difficult game against the Yellows. UTG!


Hi, I have just signed and wondering what I need to do to get involved? Do i just turn up next week?


Hi mate,

Have you joined the waiting list or been given a place in a team? I think if you have paid the joining fee you go on the waiting list until a space becomes available. It is best to speak with MvF admins on the forum and confirm?


Matchday 10 and a 10 - 6 win against the Yellows on the pitch, 24 -11 overall. Massive improvement on last week on the pitch as we looked like we could score about 20 goals with the Yellows keeper making countless saves. Off the pitch, not so good from yours truly with a 0.4 gain (i put this down to drinking my bodyweight in Guinness the day before for St Paddys day) but the rest of the lads smashed it pretty much. Hopefully i can get a massive loss next Monday when we take on the Blues. UTG!


Matchday 11 and a 10 - 6 loss to the Blues, 16 - 14 overall. We seem to have picked it up as a team on the scales in recent weeks but just seem to not be doing it on the pitch. Not having one of our key players playing isn’t helping either due to injury. On a personal note, banged another Hat-trick last night and lost 2Kg so well happy with that. On to next week against the Reds which will be yet another difficult game. UTG


Matchday 12 and a 18 -11 win against the Reds, 7 - 4 on the pitch. Probably one of the best games we have had both ourselves and opposition both wanted it and apart from 2 pens, all other goals were very good goals. We all lost weight as a team as well which is a first with some of the lads close to % milestones. On a personal note i lost 0.3Kg and bagged 4 goals so well happy. Need to lose 2kg for the next 2 weeks to bag my 10% award so that’s my challenge! UTG!


Matchday 13 and a 20 -10 win against the Whites, 5-1 on the pitch. Following on from last weeks good game, yet another good game against second place Whites, played in the right spirit and some good football. Whites were probably without one of their best players which helped but still a good performance by us to keep their other star player quiet. We did well on the scales as a team, with 2 10% and one 5%, however on a personal note, i put on 1.6kg. This was down to a complete write off weekend with a leaving do, my wifes birthday and little boys birthday. However on the pitch, i did get 4 of the 5 goals. So i’ll take that small win. On to next week with the last game against the Blacks. What a good season its been. UTG.


Any idea on how long the waiting list is now mate? Registered a few months ago


I don’t have a clue mate, I think i heard that there was over 80 people on the waiting list. The season has just ended and i think that maybe 40% of the blokes wont carry on as either they will have reached a healthy weight, or don’t want to pay the full price for next season. So we will wait and see. Sorry can’t be much more help buddy.


Matchday 14 and a final game of season against the Blacks. We lost 7-4 on the pitch but won 14 -10 overall meaning we ended up finishing third overall and one point behind the whites. We finished runner up on the scales to the reds by 2 points (not quite sure how that’s worked out yet) which is a huge achievement by the team. I finished with a 1.1kg loss this season which was an overall loss of 8.5Kg and 7 cm off my belly. I’m a little disappointed but the way i see it is i got to enjoy my life now whilst still losing weight… surely thats what life is all about! Anyway, we are just waiting on confirmation of Season 3 but until then, it’s been bloody brilliant. On to then and UTG!