First Season Strood



So first game down and a 9-3 win. In all honesty, probably should have been more as we missed a hatfull more. However on the scales, we finished bottom of the pile as a team after week one! With only a 0.1Kg loss for me… :frowning: So next week gonna have to do better and smash them scales!

Up the giants!


I noticed before your league has big scores, are your goalkeepers rubbish or something? :smiley:

Our league had the odd big score but for instance, the final 4 matches on monday night produced scores of 1-0, 3-0, 3-1 & 4-0.


Haha, i wouldn’t say so. Some are better than others. I think that all the teams have a good mix of physical capability, but some have better technical ability than others. We scored 9 but played good football at times and really should have been more.


Been ill the last few days so haven’t had a chance to post, but Matchday 2 was another win, 7-5! and we all lost on the scale too. This puts us second on goal difference to the Reds. A good week personally, shipping 2kg this week! Bloody marvellous!


Matchday 3 and a 7-5 win against the Yellows! Think we might be beaten overall on the scales as they had a 5%, but still another win on the pitch means we have already equalled our 3 wins for last all of last season! Hoping for one 5% next week as a difficult game against the blues who always seem to lose a lot of weight.


Matchday 4 and a 5-5 draw against the Blues. Fair result i’d say as we did have a lot of chances but they had one very good one on one towards end that would have killed it had not been for a good save from our keeper. We lost overall on combined weight and pitch though, me and another of the lads both put on which was not the best. But still unbeaten on pitch. Next week brings up top of table clash against the reds so hard week needed on the scales.


Matchday 5 and a 5-2 defeat to the Reds. Think overall they deserved to win. Disappointing for us as we gave away 2 goals in first minute. Yours truly bagged a goal and assist and also a 2kg loss which is my best this season so far. We lost on scales although one of our lads did manage his 5% so massive congrats. Still a very close and hard fought game between us and the best team in the league once again, so not to disheartened. We go again next week against the Whites!