First Season Strood



Before and after pic this season.


and another…


Well done matey


hello everyone, my name is James and i’ve just signed up for the Strood league. i’ve had emails inviting me to the forums, confirming payment and a welcome email. just wondering what the process is from here and when it all gets started ? i had an invite to a whatsapp group but when i clicked the link it had been ‘revoked’.


hi mate , i joined strood and the registration was on mon eve 13 th may, the games start next mon, you best give them a call as you have made payment and welcome email , all the best.


thanks very much for the reply. i have called them on 08451630042 and was told someone from the league would contact me and i’ve sent an email too but haven’t heard anything from the person that runs it or anything regarding when to come along. does anyone have the number for the person that runs it ?


Season 3 Start last night. We were up first against the Yellows and lost 7-4 on the pitch, but a 15 -13 win overall!! Everyone had huge losses last night, we had a 4.2Kg loss by one player. I lost 2.1Kg which means i only need to lose .9 to be back where i finished last season, more than happy with. So a loss on pitch but we have a week off now and then a game against the blues. UTG!