First week for hattricks at George salter



Tonight was the first week for hattricks an extra goal awarded for 3 weight losses which would have been awarded for losing weight the first 3 weeks of the season following on from
Registration. Well done to those who achieved earned valuable goals for your team and kept the positive achieving progress on the scales

Weight loss upto 121kg after 3 weeks

Bayern munchen 24kg weight loss
Bmi ballers 15.1kg weight loss
Kebaberdeen 36.2kg weight loss
Largentina 7kg weight loss
Salad dodgers 24.6kg weight loss
The leftovers 15.4kg weight loss

Welcome to the league to Bruce dyas and Ashley Sullivan returning and Brett groom and arvinder Kondole and Tom Cullen playing first games tonight

Weight loss team of the season in reverse order
1/David Cartwright 4.2kg weight loss
2/Marvin Gregory 5kg weight loss
3/Stephen white 5.2kg weight loss
4/Stuart Bromley 6kg weight loss
5/Carl lewis 7.5kg weight loss
6/Ben Allan 8kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Darren rooney, amarjeet mudhar, Malcolm Holmes, Alex fellows and Lee fellows all 1kg weight loss
2/Kirk dyas 1.4kg weight loss
3/Darren hooper 1.8kg weight loss
4/arvinder Kondole 2.2kg weight loss
5/Marvin Gregory 2kg weight loss
6/Peter cox 3.4 kg weight loss

Next weeks fixtures have some interesting match ups and what you do between now and then can impact the scores, fill your books in daily, batch cook and try and get 3 lots of exercise in during the week. Varied, interesting and challenging.

Season 3 cup finalists The leftovers and kebaberdeen are joint top of overall and weight loss tables and go head to head in what promises to be a good game.

Salad dodgers and Bayern munchen who both sit top two of the pitch league go head to head where books and weight loss could be the difference

Bmi ballers and largentina who have now picked up some new players also go head to head in another interesting clash.

Shout outs and recognition from captains and vice captains this week -

Leftovers man of the match tonight goes to Tony for his loss on the scales and a second goal in 2 weeks showing his improvement in fitness

Munchies man of the match is mike played a great game and has just had a new baby to the family aswell
We had a few hat tricks but mike motm
Also mention for Stu Bromley and Ronnie great scales results again :+1:t2:
Kebabs mom - Adam for having a great game on the pitch, with special mentions to Alex, Malc and Marv for steady scale results
Salad dodgers player of the week. kev millard. purely for goal of the season… top corner of the keeper on an angle

Reminder to have a listen to the latest addition of the podcast and let me know if you want to make use of the AQA slot for a catch up.


Well done all :soccer::soccer::soccer: