Fitbit Semi de Paris / Paris Half Marathon

Fitbit Semi de Paris

4th March 2017
40 Euro
Central Paris

The Fitbit Semi de Paris is an unmissable race. Two months after your New Year’s resolutions for 2018, this season-opener is your chance to really get back in the swing of things. There’s no way to cheat in the Fitbit Semi de Paris: you’re going to have to push yourself to the limit! Speed, timing, motivation, performance: this race will set the pace for all your athletic challenges in the year to come. Be there or be square on 4th March 2018!

Whether you’re still a bit of a running newbie or a total tarmac addict, the Semi-Marathon is just the right length. That’s why over 40,000 people register every year to pound the streets of the world’s fashion capital… in neon trainers.


I have signed up to the above. I will be turning 50 a couple of weeks before and have never run a half before & my best time on a 10k is 63 mins. Nevertheless I’ll be proudly wearing my MvF t-shirt if I can get hold of one on the day.

If anyone would like to meet up on the day/day before or even run part of the race with me, please let me know.

Please be aware that you seem to need to pick up your bib the day before and hand in a simple medical certificate from your doctor to prove you are well enough to do it.

Thanks MvF. Without the forum I would not currently be on the metro heading to do my first Half Marathon in Paris at 50 years old.

Sorry to Team Bulge for fading away during the group. Life (and training) got in the way.

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Have fun and well done

Hope it goes Well and you enjoy the day, look forward to seeing your time

Thanks for the interest.

Only 2hr 30min I’m afraid, but at least I ran all the way. Have now signed up for the Great Scottish run in Glasgow.



great effort

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Great stuff, well done!

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