Fitness Videos


Hello, I was just wondering if anyone does any series of fitness videos. I do the Body Combat series and am looking for anyone doing the same or similar to share ideas/results/motivation etc…
Anyone out there?

MAN v FAT Newsround 25/5: Drink up

Hi mate

I used to do insanity and really enjoyed. lost loads of weight doing it.


Hi mate, how’s it going?
This one interests me too. I might give it a go.


I’ve recently found a dvd by ‘Hunter’ from the Gladiators. The long blonde hair is long gone, but as it aimed at the over-40s (I’m 51) it seems appropriate. Its fairy basic and short, but I quite enjoy it for now. No pugle-sticks though :sob:

To my shame I’ve also got a few of Davina’s workout dvds - once you know the routine you can turn down the volume and avoid the ‘personality’. Quite good, varied and thought out routines I find.

Another recent purchase is a Joe Wicks dvd for some HIIT sessions - I’ve tried a couple but not got into them rigorously yet - quite hard work for an old guy. I’ll maybe keep these for a ‘step-up’ when my weight loss plateaus.

I’ve got a full set of dumbbells and just started training - hopefully twice a week. I’m running with a book “Weight training for the over 50s” and so far it seems pitched about right. If there are any good dvds or Youtube series for dumbbells I’d be interested to hear…