Fitness without a gym


It is almost certain that we are going to be moving st some point in 2019 to be near my elderly in laws. As we don’t have car getting to the neatest gym would be a big pain. Is it worth investing in some home fitness equipment? What are the best exercises to do at home?


I have a book ‘You are your own Gym’…not what you asked for, but some of the stuff in there you could incorporate into your regime using everyday items! Plus you have whatever proper equipment you do buy.

I’ve got quite an armoury and it’s costly stuff for my go-to equipment:

Concept 2 rower
Chest-weight holder over bench (good enough stuff at Decathlon Stores) plus weights like:
2 x dumbbells + free weights

Wattbike is best you’d get in gym, only some private gyms have them, so maybe a quality spin bike could do trick. “Buy cheap and you buy twice”

I especially found that advice apposite when I bought a rower 18 years ago. Pulled three strokes on it and immediately packed it back up, took to shop to upgrade to Concept 2. Still best on market. Maybe go eBay for used. Mine still excellent after all this time and updates in models (about 3 in that time) have scarcely altered.

Excellent equipment store in Frimley, Surrey where you can try stuff, but Fitness Store, online and actual have plenty of stores around the country I believe. Again you can try out stuff.

Decathlon for weights and various stuff, so worth a visit to see what tickles your fancy.


Thanks Zero4