Fizz Free Frebruary


Hey all

My Mrs seen this on the news this morning and challenged me to do it.

Basically giving up all kinds of fizzy pop for the month.

Something that is my achilles heel especially on the weekend when the football is on.
Even more so with the Rugby starting.

So anyone up for it?
I know il find it tough but up for the challenge


I’m a nightmare for drinking empty calories. Never been much of an alcohol drinker but I neck Pepsi like it’s going out of fashion.
I’m definitely up for this, I was already trying to reduce my intake and now is the time to quit!
Good luck to you!


Thanks mate.

I’ve managed to stay away from pop for the last 4 days.
Got a team meeting in Newcastle this week so that will be a test


Best thing you can do is plan ahead. If you know it’s coming up then you’ve got plenty of time to sort alternatives! Good luck!


I’m lucky. I don’t really like it that much. Only exception is lemonade when I’m hungover, so I guess I’d just better not get drunk…,


I definitely don’t drink as much fizzy as I’ve done before 1 or 2 cans Diet Coke a fortnight if even.