Flat stomach - achievable?

I have been on a diet / health kick for nearly two years, i have lost 4 stone and have i would say 10lbs to go. I have a layer of fat around my stomach which is visible. For the past year or so, i have without luck been trying to lose it. From heavy exercising (HIIT, weights etc) and controlled eating (i intermittent fast 16:8).

Nothing changes.

Should i just accept my shape? is a flat stomach something not everyone can achieve? i wonder if i am wired to be this shape and size.

I was taking extra protein through diet and powders as well as bcaa and creatine. Problem was, a routine blood test revealed issues which the doc thought was related to what i was taking, so asked me to stop taking for 3 weeks and the blood retest came back as an all clear. So i have binned all that stuff and am looking to get my protein etc through foods.


Can’t help on this one, but I no where you’re coming from. I’ve also lost 4 stone, and probably have another one to go, and I know what you mean about the layer of fat around the tummy. So I’d also be interested in the responses.

@maxnas - anything you could help out with here? Any thoughts?

@geoffbeckett - I saw you popped back a week or so ago - what about you, any ideas? How’s your regime going?

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Hey mate,

the harsh reality is that you still have more bodyfat to lose to get a flat belly (lower bodyfat)

unfortunately the ONLY way to do this is to consistently stay in a calorie deficit until you reach your goal (through diet, or a combination of diet & exercise)

If none of this makes any sense, have a read through the ultimate new member welcome post (below)

it should help eliminate your confusion

PS - family docs/GP’s know absolutely faff all about losing fat


Never seen that post, really did simplify what is a minefield of information. Well worth a read @Big_Fella. I also requested to join a group so lets see. I did do all that the post has mentioned, but i think i was cutting calories too much. My 16:8 diet is a low carb one.

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The very very basics of it is, if you’re not losing fat, you’re consuming too many calories to support fat loss… (even if you’re only consuming a tiny amount, that just means that you’re metabolism has adapted downwards and you either need to eat even less, or spend a few weeks out of the calorie deficit to allow your metabolism to recover so you can go back into the diet but able to lose weight on a higher amount of calories

marathon > sprint

Have a quick nose at this mate

I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much, a completely flat stomach is a bit overrated…I bet you look just fine in clothes, and not too shabby in a swimsuit. Visible abs/flat stomach don’t kick in until around 10-12% body fat, and for most people that isn’t a sustainable goal. Having said that, I too have a desire to one day at least achieve that goal to say that I did it. Along with the other advice given, see my blog article on finding your six-pack, and good luck.

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I’d say the 8-15% range is a pretty sustainable & healthy bf% goal overall for healthy men

(maybe 10-15% for 45/50ish years & over)

(the lower end will require this being part of your lifestyle, the higher end you should be able to run on autopilot once you reach it)

the real issue for the overweight demographic is getting there in the first place via patience, changing habits & education rather than trying to ‘hack’ their way there.

Just my personal insight via what I’ve seen over the years :slight_smile:

edit: although saying that, I think BF% numbers are pretty useless in terms of practicality… it’s all about being happy with your results


Agreed, the 15% range is achievable and sustainable, whereas 8% would require some very concerted effort (like you’ve put in :slight_smile:).

I think here in the US things are a bit more skewed towards a higher BF% being the norm. I’m going mostly off of charts like this that put a normal, fit male in the 14-17% range. But mileage varies, and age is a factor as you mention. I’m your 15% 50ish male demographic :slight_smile:.

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Great read !!! Worth checking it out🤓