Focus on weight loss, or just Profit?

Having been a member for a 4/5 seasons now and having built up a superb network of friends alongside losing weight, I alongside many others have found ourselves disappointed and disillusioned with the set up and what appears to be profit chasing from MvF.

Whilst understanding the set up and main goal for the business model, there is a competitive football element to the scheme. The competitive football drives us to lose weight, as we aim to be a fitter, faster team.Our league in the most part has been extremely competitive both on and off the pitch and that is something we would love to remain part of.

This aim however can’t be achieved with squads of 11 players. 11 players for a 30 minute game, effectively giving the option to play a whole different outfield for the second half. Is there a point? Yes I understand that the aim is to lose weight and increase fitness with different levels of ability. But 30 minutes for 11? Really?

Many players making a long journey to turn out for the team, to get on the pitch for 10-15 minutes at the most? It’s really no incentive to play is it.

The very little game time with a full squad defeats the object. Last week we had no subs. A side of 6 and played through with a 6-0 pitch win. Yes we may be fitter than others, but there is no time throughout the 5 seasons I have been there where we have not been able to field a full 6.

We have a settled core of 9 players, a core that has now been increased to 11. Whilst we welcomed the new lads in to the team, it was difficult to rotate so many players, losing any fluidity to a game of football and it became a case of players coming on and off every other minute.

As a team, we have raised our concerns with many players now unhappy with the squad numbers we seemingly face no other option but to leave the league set up, sacrificing £225 a month for MVF . Instead they would rather take 2 new memberships. There seems to be no understanding to the situation and rather MvF just throw the extra two players into our side.

We have provided suggestions that the new players be given to other teams, those struggling at the bottom of the league however again this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. As a league I think there needs to be some real effort invested into extending games, listening to teams who really do want to be out there playing and that have contributed financially for so long, stretching games and helping teams with fitness.

Zero consultation as to whether we would like additional players or need them. It appears that Monday night may now be our last fixture as a unit with many players now choosing to drop out or, the team fold entirely. All for the sake of £50.

Greed getting the better of a great initial idea?

Seemingly so…

I hear what you are saying it also have a different view point as a player & a Coach.
Will all 11 players turn up every week?
Have you considered the extra weight loss bonus points you will achieve with more guys?
At Leyton we have 88 teamed players across 8 teams & have a really good balance of teams.
I don’t think it’s about profit at all more about getting as many guys involved as possible.

I wouldn’t travel to play 15 minutes, when I can get an hour at Soccerworld for a fiver.

We’ve made it clear we don’t need more players. We’re fine with the 9 we have, we’re fine with 6 when some can’t make it.

We all still need and are pushing to lose weight, we’re currently top of the league on that front too and want to kick on and lose weight. We’ve got good legs between us to complete a half hour run around.

It’s profiteering and 11 is just too much

Further to this, we’ve now had two of our regular players confirm they won’t be attendance tonight as 11 is just too much.

Detrimental effect on their weight-loss push.

No action taken by MVF or intention to move players around.