Follow 12 week challenge from the begining

I’ll be a guinea pig and we’ll find out just how much I can change my body in 3 months in a healthy manner. The goal is to lose weight and develop some nice abs. Follow every week to track my progress in my blog fatwithoutacause .org

I have 1 month from now to June to finish my junk food, try to get some audience and I’ll start going to the gym as well so I can start the challenge without muscle aches.

I’ll try to go from that to a fit Adrien Brody sort of body

Hope to see you there ! :wink:

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‘I have 1 month from now to June to finish my junk food.’

I’m out. Just like smoking, you either stop or you don’t.

2 posts about the same thing, no introduction anywhere about yourself. Call me suspicious but I smell spam.

Hahaha you are entitled to your opinion.

About this:
I have 1 month from now to June to finish my junk food.’
I’m out. Just like smoking, you either stop or you don’t.

I have several reasons, when I said junk food I don’t mean crisps but regular bad food like pies or nuggets, I’m not throwing them out, another reason is to start going to the gym and get the muscle pains over with before I start hard 12 week program, another reason is to get some readers before I start, and finally is a way of not changing radically and getting depressed because it’s too much all at the same time.

By the way, stopped smoking 2 weeks ago YEY me!!

2 posts about the same (sorry I didn’t know best way to put it)
Spam??? My blog doesn’t sell any product nor service - it Doesn’t even have any kind of ads

Stay positive man


“I’m going to show you a good and healthy way of getting fit and losing pounds,” etc etc

no intro, no conversation, no participation in the existing community, just two posts with external links. I’d expect people to have a bit of scepticism mate, lot’s of people here have been sold so many fads in the past, there’s always going to be a bit of healthy skeptisism on things like this.

But if your goal is to build an email list, this is the 1980’s way of doing it, consider adding value first before taking it.

if it’s not, why not make a thread here & share your progress in an existing community full of support & men on the same path?

If it’s support you’re after, it’s all here for you mate? :slight_smile:

If it’s ‘list building’ you’re after, you really do need to re-consider your strategy mate

don’t get me wrong, I have an external blog (and some others here do) & sometimes share things, ALWAYS with the @ admins permission, but I’m just one of the guys & a part of this community, not trying to ‘tap into it’.

It’s always good to have your own blog where you can post about your own journey, just keep in mind the language you use when leaving links in place where people spend time, who’ve been lied to in the past, as there’s always going to be healthy, necessary scepticism, so people may mis-understand what you’re trying to do

Good luck on the journey :slight_smile:


Hey maxnas,

I didn’t know people where building email lists back in the 1980’s! But that’s not my purpose here. Why do I want an email list if that link doesn’t point to a business or profitable blog? I haven’t even started sharing on FB nor Twitter so it’s not what you think. All I want to do is show that pictures like the one you have are real, and I thought it would be cool to not only show the fat and pale image next to the tan ripped one but show all the process. It is really more for me than for anybody else. So I’m not trying to create content to get an audience if that’s what you ment by adding value.

Yes support and sharing progress I can do here as well, and I will. Ofcourse

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exactly lol

You have an email list opt in so people will assume you’re going to be doing something with it at some stage (maybe write some text next to it explaining what it’s for & what will happen etc)

Just trying to share some helpful advice mate :slight_smile:

Lol. Thanks

The whole blog needs formatting and some work done. Honestly I’m just going to upload weekly updates, keeping it more like a diary. But I will add some text next to it explaining what it’s for and what will happen etc (eventually) xD

I start going to the gym tomorrow! F@ck!

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Whats your plan of action for the gym?

Do you understand how nutrition works for fat loss?

Have you got a training plan in place?

Have a look through the forum, theres plenty of advice here. I’ve posted write ups on both by the way

The only thing I havnt figured out is the mental game (which is why I came here in the first place, for the mental support when I needed it… still do sometimes)

Hey! Yeah well, I haven’t worked out for a while so that’s why I’m starting slow the first month. I used to be fit 2 years ago but injuries, work, and a comfortable sofa got in the way. (To mention a few excuses) I do understand how nutrition works for fat loss and for muscle growth (I know that’s a different subject) and once the good stuff starts in June I will change my routine and share it here in more detail once it starts giving results.
The mental game is a bitch huh! Also my reason for coming here.