Food diaries


Morning all, I was just thinking about the food diaries that we have to fill in every week and get bonus points for, most of the time our team either forget to bring it or can’t be bothered to carry it around all the time.
Is there not a way that this can be done either in an MVF app or just something like myfitnesspal? The book just seems like an inconvenience…


In Cardiff, as long as the guys provide proof of tracking it’s a green light. (apps, their own diary, the mvf diary etc.

The incentive it that it helps with adherence plus it helps coaches & players to be able to take a look over the past week & make plans based on it,

But yep, In cardiff some people present their food tracking apps


I totally agree with that mate. I might bring it up to our coach - I do track my food every week so I think it is really helpful but just the MVF diary doesn’t work for me.


Same in Newcastle.


Leyton we can use MFP or MvF as well.