For One Week ONLY - Burn what you Eat


Day 1:

Cup of tea - 11cals
Berocca - 5 cals
Cod liver oil capsule - 6 cals

Total breakfast cals - 22cals.

14:18hrs - Still fasting - not happy.

Had to do a couple of trips out to the office and back so far today - 2 rides to the office and back, and then once back there - where I am now - only 3 miles total, but will take the long way back home when done to add a few more calories.

So far, i’ve only actually earn about 138 calories!

But with only 22 for breakfast, and another 30 for 100g of strawberries at lunch, I’ve got 86 left Plus whatever I earn for riding on the way home.

I might not have eaten much today, and I am noticeably grumpier (than usual some may say) but those strawberries tasted amazing having not had anything remotely sugary all day.

maybe there is something in this after all?



Black coffee 0
2 x sachets porridge oats 456. (package assumes taken with skimmed milk, had whole, so:
Milk adjustment: 20
Spoonful of honey: 56

Group road cycle 37 miles(1,110)

Black coffee post ride. 0
Cottage cheese 158
Sugar snap peas 60

Lumpy bike ride with group of fifteen. Since my Polar Heart monitor with distance/speed etc. have up the ghost a year ago I vowed not to replace it until I got fit and lost weight…that time might come soon, but for now I rely on others recordings.

My wife’s Garmin, with her gynormous weight tapped in at the whopping 52 kgs /(114 lbs) says she burned 1,583 calories. I’m claiming at rate of 30 calories per mile, hence 1,110 calorie burn.

I’ll be editing this post adjusting through day, but at time of posting (14.50) I’ve got 360 calories in the bank!..ooooh, how to spend!..and when?

Feeling good, although I was and am a little cheesed off that the ride wasn’t longer. Choice of sugar snap peas with cottage cheese was suggested by my nutritional guru, Mrs Zero4…who says high in protein with long-acting carbs to sustain energy.

NOTE: @TommyD… I’m absolutely relaxed about you taking your Garmin reading when you’re road cycling

(1) because I’m far more used to, and my body adjusted to, lower calorie intake even when exercising because my metabolism has got used to getting energy out of long-acting (complex) carbs. Because of the lack of short-acting carbs one switches into fat-burning mode that much quicker.

(2) As your heavier than me (c275 lbs v 198 lbs) you’ll be burning more calories than me per mile.

Make sure you eat well before your ride. As you’ve reduced intake today, assuming you’re riding tomorrow, you certainly don’t want to be riding anywhere near fasted.

Tip from my guru and me: Suggest protein for breakfasts tomorrow and all week (and into the future) as protein takes longer to digest and you subsequently feel fuller, for longer.

Protein will also provide amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle and therefore assist you in retaining muscle-mass. In the absence of carbohydrates in your breakfast, or generally even, you will be tapping into body fat for energy.

List of suggested breakfast options from which to choose:

Eggs (although note that there are some carbs in egg yolk)
Lean bacon (possibly…if you have to!)… wouldn’t do it myself

Pre-ride tomorrow porridge will provide necessary carbs because you’ve got short and long acting carbs. Alternatives: rye bread or anything whole grain, but not flour bread.


‘‘Tis extreme @TommyD, but definitely hang in there…if, as I’ve posted on 30lbsXmas, it gets us to value helpful nutritional calories it’s worth it.

It’ll take time for your body to adapt.


@TommyD… Tommy, Tommy!..

. I’ve spent it! …My 360 calorie bank!

One salmon fillet, coated in chilli sauce with beans, carrots, couple of mini :corn: corn and sprigs of broccoli …feeling good. Needed to up the water consumption between lunch and that supper and should have done so earlier.

Just off to walk our Siberian husky but not claiming whatever that could be worth, I don’t really count dogwalking as exercise!


I spent mine on the thinnest slither of lasagne and skipped the chips.

Today has not been pleasant, but in fairness, nothing bad happened!


I think getting in the exercise is key… obviously if no exercise, no eat!

I could have made life even easier had I drink more water in afternoon. Enough calories before your bike ride tomorrow from get you through, then spend the later balance wisely!


C[quote=“Zero4, post:22, topic:36403”]
Suggest protein for breakfasts tomorrow and all week (and into the future) as protein takes longer to digest and you subsequently feel fuller, for longer.

Protein will also provide amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle and therefore assist you in retaining muscle-mass.

100% this

I actually wrote a book on this (some of the early days MVF/ers might remember) but I no longer give it out unless I know people will use it correctly.

Obvs this is a super short term extreme experiment, but if anyone would heed some advice, I’d beg you to make sure almost 100% of the food you eat is protein based… yeah you’ll feel like shit, but you’ll retain muslce tissue and mostly lose water and a bit of fat

As opposed to losing mostly water, a bit of muscle and next to no fat at all (which is what will happen for most people this week, yet still be confused why they look the same whilst weighing less)


Cheers for your input @maxnas…and with luck some readers will need the further pointers you’ve given. I’m luckily a few weeks past that ‘flukey’ first week, or similar, where most of a sizeable weightloss is attributable to a significant loss of water…this is second week of my third consecutive group, so call that 10 weeks where I’ve lost steadily, never a ‘gain’ week and only one, possibly two, where the weight stayed level.

I’ve lost 22 lbs and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate the average of 2.2 lbs a week. Of course, you and @Darren_Welch will not have been following my personal journey in my quest and so will not know my ‘modus operandi’ …

For sure weightloss is not rocket science: I keep it simple. I’ve likely bored other group members with the mantra ’ You can’t out-train a poor diet’ …my belief is that no-one is ever going to lose weight in the gym, on a bike, or plodding the streets. But exercise IS good for the soul, WILL help raise the ardent would-be dieter to raise their metabolic rate if the physical effort is strenuous enough for their personal circumstances.

Good food choices are made him the supermarket, not in the fridge or larder (cue more yawning from previous group members!)…my journey to date has NOT been perfect, even if the week-on-week linear decline could suggest it has been…but any minor hiccups have been due to a certain obstinate liking for the odd bottle of sauvignan blanc…then again I was in deepest French France for three weeks during one group and, during that time actually travelling in motorhome, so unable to exercise.

Over the ten weeks I’ve probably averaged every third day in the gym for weights (I generally go 3x a week for upper body weights)…I don’t take off my jim-jams unless I’m likely to do an absolute minimum of one hour and in that respect I totally agree with @Darren_Welch… I’ve done a 50 minute to one hour fasted Wattbike ride before work on many occasions, and I’ve pi££ed off definitely one, but probably a few more by quite regularly posting about a particular 58 miles road bike circuit I was knocking out on alternate days earlier in my quest.

I could be more forthright in offering guidance and support to fellow dieters, given some of the choices made, but I know that life attempting to lose weight IS hard, and is MUCH more a mental battle than a physical one.

Certain folk have, however, embraced my fairly hard-line and ‘focussed’ approach and input, and I don’t ever recall being too patronising or harsh in any comments, ALL of which have been made with the very best of intentions.

I genuinely hope that this ‘For One Week ONLY’’ thread and the ‘experiment’ @TommyD and I are undertaking might be read by at least one other person and learn something that might help THEIR journey.

I think the lesson could well be understanding the absolute value of almost each and every nutritious calorie that we consume…that (apart from the temporary ‘joy’ it may bring) scoffing another jammy-dodger or doughnut is a daft sabatage to any weight loss effort and a partial undoing of any exercise regime they might be following. I’m hopeful folk will become all the more aware of the difference between healthy-only calories and ‘wasted’ calories.

Maybe a far less extreme goal for readers could be to consume, for example, only 3 times the amount that you’ve burned through exercise, or 2 times… still hard, but it just might be a way forward…who knows?.. without experiment?

Anyway, Sunday morning sermon from the mount over… I’m off for a full body MOT courtesy of my missus and David Lloyd clubs (she’s the member, not me)…I’m going to find out my current body fat percentage and set new goals for after this week’s end…

I trust Tommy you’ve had a cracking bike ride today, and I’ll be dead chuffed if we BOTH finish this week having adhered pretty-much exactly to the rules, because the potential lessons could be all the more notable if two of us can concur at the end.



Ok; just chugging along like a dream machine.

Day started with 3 x black coffees, then follow wife in car as I drove to David Lloyd Club Ringwood whilst she cycled.

Although remaining fasted I needed to not exercise and not skew the figures as we put me through body MOT test…results going to be analysed by us later when I’ve considered how to ‘spend’ my earned remaining calories:

Test followed by breaking my fast with lunch; calorie figures conveniently and kindly provided by David Lloyd menu:

Grilled Chicken breast with sweet potato and carrot mash, wilted kale and spinach …444 calories.
Sweet potato fries…362 calories

…after which she takes car, I road cycle longer route home: 46.6 miles @ 30 cals per mile: …1,398 calories burned

Balance to chomp away on tonight: 592 c

I actually feel fine, now. Fairly early in ride I thought blood sugar levels were waiting…surprising given I’d not really had any sugar; but twenty miles in and all balances back in kilter.

Will probably have same salmon and veg as last night @ 360 cals…and I’ll have change to spend!

I always thought the two first days of this ‘experiment’ being the weekend would be the more challenging …there’s less structure to my days; more time to dwell on any ‘suffering’, of which there’s been none. Back at work, and the routine and busy-ness of weekdays should make sticking to rules that bit easier…although I’ll have to be up early to get in a fasted Wattbike or row before work, because I’ve decided that getting in the majority of the exercise BEFORE food, but without a long fasted period is key to succeeding in this challenge, without suffering any.


That was a long one and well said as well. You seems to be in your lonesome on this one but keep at it.


just intrigued to see how you guys are getting on with this?! is it working?! how are the hunger pangs/state of minds?



Well after a cracking weekend, two of full balance between calories IN and calories OUT and I’d felt fine going to bed Sunday night.

Day 3, Monday, after not a brilliant night’s sleep which can always happen if you’ve ridden quite hard…I arose at 6 am to do my fasted Wattbike ride before work… intending to burn at rate of 600/700 calories an hour…which is in fat-burning mode, around 60 -70% maximum heart rate which is not too strenuous and, although I didn’t feel THAT brilliant for first 15 minutes, I began to feel like this was 'not going to be my day’s, so at 20 minutes, on 208 calories I felt the need to abandon.

Off to work and, come around 9.30 I was going downhill. I began to feel like shite and it felt like man-flu …my whole body aches, I had a sore throat by midday which, later on in the day became so sore I could only take in tiny sips of water, not my usual glugs!

Were the flu-like symptoms a direct result of reduced calories? Were they anything to do with it, or just got unlucky after two decent rides over the weekend…37 and 46 miles? I’ve done far greater mileage than this over full two WEEK period, so it’s not the ride as such, but it COULD be doing rides after some weeks of an accumulative reduction in calories.

My (medical specialist) wife and I will discuss the possibilities and decide whether to blame this regime or not after I’m completely better and ready to roll again.

I’m a great believer in that expression ‘starve a fever, feed a cold’ - so yesterday I did put experiment on hold, one day at a time. With only the 208 calories to ‘spend’, limiting myself to consuming just that, especially when I’ll, would have been folly.

I’d already broken the fast with couple ladels of salad, but cracked to ’ comfort food’ that I thought would sooth me to get through the day…it did, cappacino and chicken roll. Absolutely not ideal, and strange selection as I have genuinely been avoiding this combination since I started again on MvF, ten weeks ago.

I cancelled later appointments and got home and straight into bed for 14 hours sleep, a bit interrupted by feeling cr#p, but gradually getting better through night and out at work again today, but aiming for another very early night.


I’ll not exercising today…foolish with flu (if that’s what it is) symptoms…but I won’t be packing down a load of food to console myself either.

Breakfast: Mango slices from Waitrose…133 cals
Lunch: Salmon sushi…333 cals

So far. 466 cals. Tonight’s fayre will likely be vegetable juice (kale, spinach plus many more) as i forgot to bring it into work.

MID-WAY report… inconclusive of course with only first two days going to plan and temporary (I think) quite unrelated illness… As I’ll only exercise again once I’m pretty-much recovered, I’ll have to see how I proceed at that point.

I’m away in motorhome for the weekend, so that puts paid to a full resumption straightaway.


DAY FIVE - Wednesday…at least it should be Day 5, only continued flu symptoms have left me just about dragging myself into work and cutting it as short as possible, then crawling home to bed…so no exercise three days on the (non) trot!..which hardly helps the criteria of matching calories input versus output!!!

I’m going to have to reset this challenge to myself when FULLY recovered…this is a huge pity because after Day Two, the weekend start days, I was feeling great!..and all looked to be on track.

There is the outside possibility that another medical issue (I get possible diagnosis to earlier tests on Thursday afternoon) may have contributed to this week’s sudden strike of ill-health, I’ll have to see.

Not sure what happened to @TommyD 's part of the experiment…I think he may very well have fallen foul of my first theory - that you need to get in a big chunk of the calorie burning exercise in earlier in the day, whether that’s in a fasted state, or after energy-giving breakfast prior to your long run/bike ride/rowing.

Keeping calorie intake down for the best part of the day before setting about the exercise later on and eating calories late on will not work.


Passat… @TommyD …are you there? You collapsed from malnutrition?


Day 4/5? - Return from AWOL

Apologies for disappearing @Zero4 - I’ve been under the covers for the last few days, kids back at school and brough home the flu / general illness. Only back at work today, but still not recovered.

Sounds like you’ve ben the same @Zero4 - Hope you’re ok!

I managed my PT session this morning clocking in at ~800 calories, so managing to stick to that limit today so far.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the week that I can regain some strength and crack on with the challenge, the two days i’ve managed so far have been very informative! Unfortunately I got ill just before that (hopefully) beneficial third day when things get easier!



Oh, back from the dead @TommyD mwah… My challenge on hold, but lessons very clearly learned already that I’m continuing with to still make this a cracking week, even though not completed to plan.

The lesson, dear readers is counting not just the NUMBER of calories going IN, and that’s important…too many and you get porky, so we need less in than is going out… but that the QUALITY needs to be considered…and if you still chuck in c£ap poor-quality calories you’re not being fair on your body.


DAY SIX - Thursday. Going to officially close my week off here and later provide reasons. However this challenge (to me if no one else joins me) will recommence on Saturday + two weeks.


Flu-like symptoms buggered up this challenge on Day 3.

Lump on my groin that measured 4x1 centimeters when medical investigations commenced has grown to 8x4 and I’ve been told not to cycle (lump on seat bone).

Need to recover fully from flu, then stag weekend next week…I also need to find out if I’ll require surgery on groin, so please watch this space.

@TommyD …keep posting if you’re cracking on and we’ll respond, but we’ll reboot this as and when because it will work.


Well I ended week 2.6 lbs down, and I’d attribute that entirely to the ‘perfect’ weekend start balancing calories burned versus calories consumed. The remainder of week where illness prevented exercise I’d say I just trod water.

I’ve got the mystery lump in my groin, right on seat bone and, whilst I’m on course of antibiotics that hopefully clear it up…failure to do so may result in surgery (eek!)…not surprisingly then, I cannot ride my bike, so a reboot of this challenge will be using the Concept 2 rower as my main weapon of choice…maybe two weeks time… @TommyD…your thoughts?


To be honest, I’m trying to not to think about your groin!

In all seriousness - Hope you’re ok!

You will be pleased to know that I have been successful in my ebay activities, and am due to pick up my concept 2 tomorrow morning! So a reboot of this challenge in a different format in a few weeks time will be good.

Having said that - I will (hopefully) be moving house the week of the 12th so may be a little hectic that week and the start of the following one.

On the plus side, the rower will sit nicely in the new place in side, so no more trips to the draughty garage to sit on the turbo, or freezing my nads off out on a ride!

Hopefully that will allow me to be more consistent with the daily stuff, and not rely on larger more infrequent workouts!


I might appear to be growing another gonad at present, but I’m more confident that antibiotics will clear it and all will be good. That said, consultant with his ultrasound couldn’t/ can’t fathom out what it is, nor his muscle-specialist consultant colleagues reviewing scans…and here am I going with thought if GP that antibiotic attempt will cure it!

I’m only thinking ‘long term’ of a couple of weeks on basis that I’m feeling low coz of fluey feel. Once I’m fine I’ll be saying ‘Right…let’s start NOW!’

Good luck with move @TommyD…we’ll plan this for when YOU are ready with the rower, as it will act as a real re-boot for me coz I’m in uncharted waters of my final stone. 195 lbs down to 180! Unbelievabubble, but I’m guessing it’ll be hard.