For One Week ONLY - Burn what you Eat


I’ve now noticed what you did there @TommyD …illness; moving house; await rower; lend rower out…

Switch me to RowVember. Very clever…

No Seven Day Challenge!
AKA …lCalories IN equate to Calories OUT.

Ok, so to welcome in my October 1st Reboot next Monday I will undertake (using Concept 2 as weapon of choice as cycling is temporarily barred by injury); the balance calories challenge that illness prevented the complication of.

I’ll set up new thread and you @TommyD and @Greenballs are encouraged to contribute to keep me on track.


See @Zero4 - I’m not as dumb as you look! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whilst I didn’t make it through the week of consuming what was burnt, I did see enough to know that I could maintain a much larger deficit than I have been, so it was a useful process that will inform Oct / Nov efforts.

I also learnt that 700 cals is not enough for me on any sort of long term basis!

The next two weeks are going to be quite sporadic for me exercise wise, but once we get in to the new place, there really wont be any excuses - (touch wood) and I’ll be hitting the rower hard when the weather prohibits cycling.


All as I thought @TommyD …which is why I’ve exempted you from anything other than a voyeur’s role … I’m now thing I’ll need to start this on Saturday as I’ve a wedding to attend the following Saturday… and these interim vacuums days could prove unnecessarily (weight)uplifting.


Actually one of MY chief goals, once we’d started was, maybe obscurely …that you might twig the wastefulness of useless calories.

Although the specific equal numbers goal wasn’t totally alien to me (I’d probably only done it on a one day basis before, but it was totally understood by me and thought achievable)… I did think anyone else doing it would learn.

Assuming I’m fit by Saturday, gathering the numbers day by day should be illuminating.

Definitely require to get exercise in early in the day so that the catch-up is by consumption, and is the pleasure part of it.

Similarly, storing both up …ie , fasting throughout the day but also not exercising til late will also bring issues.

I’m kind of thinking it’s around the 1,000 calories IN/OUT balance, but burning c6/700 whilst fasted AND before 10am that will be key.


Ok… DAY ONE of ‘For One Week Only’ strike Two…


10,000 metres- 600 calories OUT

Vegetable juice 170
Cottage Cheese 150
Sub total…320 IN

Mackerel fillet and salad @ 280 to bring final balance to 600 IN v 600 OUT

Feeling good; pity about late Liverpool equaliser, but I managed to survive BT sport in pub with just one pint of black currant squash…(which I’ve included within the supper).



10,500 Concept 2 - 620 cals OUT

So far Cals IN:

Vegetable smoothie: 170 cals


What’s happened @TommyD…? :smiley: