For those who have followed my story


Morning all.

I’ve had a hell of a lot of support here from people I’ve never met, since my diagnosis with a brain tumour 3 years ago and through my treatment & rehab, and I’ll be forever grateful to you all.

Yesterday was my 3 year ‘anniversary’ with my oncologist. My scan was ‘stable’ - that’s as good as these things get -these don’t come with an ‘all clear’ - but the big news was that he’s happy to move me from 6 monthly to annual scans. I still have a brain tumour, it’ll still probably do for me one day, bu this is considered a big deal. The numbers show that just 19% make it to 5 years post-diagnosis. The doc thinks I’m probably good to go for another 10. Obviously things do, and will, change - but to hear that was massive.

Obviously, I celebrated by eating really badly :frowning:

Thanks again all for your support, kind words & sponsorship. Please do keep your eyes open for friends and family, I’m more than happy to talk to anyone who finds themselves or a loved one facing this - and if you have a few spare quid knocking around please consider sending them the way of cancer research. Brain tumours are an absolute bastard of a disease, they affect kids and young adults disproportionately frequently, and all have life-changing implications. I’m very much in the fortunate minority, there are so many people I’ve met since diagnosis who would love to be in the position I’m in. What’s learning to walk again compared to having a friend or family member unable to recognise you, or facing a horrible deterioration and death before life has truly begun?

Much love to you & yours.

Now to actually lose some weight for once…



Great news mate. Must be a huge relief for you and your family at this stage.


That is great news mate! At least its still stable that is the main thing :slight_smile:


fantastic news mate!


This is such great news mate. How are you finding the weight issue on the side of the brain issue? I should imagine that it’s very easy to torpedo yourself.


Great news buddy. Good to hear


Very much so. But, no denying it would help in the long run. Radio will have clobbered my pituitary, although my readings are ‘normal’ at present, they’re not expected to be for long. Getting some lard off will help the vicious circle of HGH decrease.
Maybe I’ve been so focussed on the stuff I need to do, that the things that would be a nice bonus have gone by the side a bit. I needed to get walking, to get driving, to get working, so I absolutely gave it everything, no ducking out if I didn’t fancy it that day etc. I just cannot seem to apply that determination and bloody-mindedness to the food side of things. Don’t quite know what the answer is there. Meanwhile I’ll keep pushing myself physically - got a half marathon in 4 weeks ffs… :wink:


I think when you’re engaged in the physical activities that you love then your food brain tends to make much better decisions anyway. You should try Progress (the new one) for a bit and see if it helps you to track it.

The big issue here though is how the frig you can have had a brain tumour and still have a better head of hair than me and @Alex_PN put together.


I’m still seriously considering the DMP/Scalp tattoos @admin - sorry to take any shine off the main story here (sorry @ilpirata )


Sensational mate. Very pleased for you.


How do I get involved?


It’s a low bar though, isn’t it?




@ilpirata thats great news mate! Congrats from across the Atlantic!


…and a bit more. Not for self-glory but hopefully for a bit of motivation for others. Stop finding excuses and GET ON WITH LIFE xx

This is a bit of an ‘advertorial’ from my physio rather than anything - I did the 0-10k running myself using apps, and only joined the running group this summer once the half marathon was looming, but the rest is pretty accurate. And the tabloid-style headline is hideous, but, well, ignore that and look at your own excuses for putting stuff off…


That’s quite the read. Well done Andy @ilpirata