Forget the talk about the Nigeria kit.. the England kit is


I have tried the England home kit in XL and L (I am aspiring towards L) and the bloody kit looks ‘tight’. I can’t even buy either size until I look better in it. By that time, England will be out of the world cup and the kits will drop in price… so… maybe I’ll look good in the kit at Euro 2020 :sunglasses:

I secretly hope to ‘look good’ in a football kit - as in like a regular man… you know without the tight shirt/fat stomach look!

The England kit with the tight fit/look reminds me of the Spurs kit in 2006 which looks a bit of a tight fit shirt…


Anyway let me know your thoughts and if you have tried the England kit on and/or bought it and stuff?

The kit is sound, however I’m of the opinion replica shirts should be reserved for kids .

Grown adults don’t need a replica do they :wink:

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I find ADIDAS XL to be a better/looser fit than the Nike XL. Puma being super tight though. Good job I can get quality knock offs for a fiver!
(Not an advert)

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West Brom have just switched the Puma so I’m expecting super tight athlete fitting tops

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FULL KIT W******! That’s a good laugh lol

Weird, I find Nike & Puma are nicer fits.

A fiver you say? That’s even cheaper than the Chinese website I use…

That’s 'cos I live in China mate.


F*** it, Im gonna get the training top lol. It looks nice, Ill need to try it on in both sizes first though! (L and XL) :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: