Forgive me to have thought I was a bad human to be fat

Hi Guys

I am new to this forum and not sure what to expect.

I always that being fat made me a bad person, someone who is not worth being loved or being taken care of, which I know now is wrong.

It took me more than 30 years to realise this and now i think I can start a new journey but i want to know if i am the only one in this situation.

In this journey i also started a blog about my journey in this weight loss,let me know if you want to read it

Hey there,

Welcome to the fourms!!

I’m sure if you shared your blog at least a few guys will probably be interested.

Welcome. I’d like to read it.
Never felt myself to be a bad person and I have never looked at fat people (regardless of what size I was at the time) as being bad either.

I suppose society tells us that alot so its understandable u thought it. All the best on ur weightloss but i hope u can like + respect urself whatever ur weight. Easier said then done i kno