Fox Hollies 13/08/2018 Motivating the masses

Evening All.

I had no doubt that this season would be our trickiest yet. With a few changes and even the best intentions it was going to see a bit of strain. Throw in a world cup and a jam packed holiday season (including my first lengthy absence due to holidays and training days) affecting attendance greater than we have ever had at fox hollies its definitely been a trying time and has affected several players motivation.

Its by no means been a negative season though with so many people really enjoying the league and the results on the scales we are seeing. The combined leagues have seen 370kg of losses so far which with all the above taken in to consideration is fantastic. Ive seen players I’ve known a long time (Staffy) having the best season I’ve seen them have in over 2 years and so many new players coming in and sharing before and after pictures of their 12 week journey which are beyond impressive. We have also seen many old hands return loving how things ae shaping up and getting back to their previous successes.

The willingness of teams pulling together and support each other though has been a great sight and several groups who have previously been clashed as rivals having friendly banter and good comms its been an enjoyable time for large periods. Its now time to build on that, for those being successful lets push on and those who have found easy excuses with world cups and holidays then get in the right frame of mind to attack next season,

Team of the week this week looks like this

Team of the season with 2 game weeks left is as follows

Here are your cup tables combined and scales.


I speak to so many people that state they have created a calorie deficit but are gaining. If its a single gain and its surrounded by losses then its no major issue and its just a fluctuation on the scales - if the trend is down its working. If however you believe you are in a 500kcal deficit daily but are recording more gains then losses then its time to ask a few questions, this also helps those of you who are clued up confirm some of your knowledge.

  • Are you sure you know you TDEE ( Total Daily Energy Expenditure)?
    Its vital to know that there is no magic formula or online calculator to work this out and its only really after a few weeks of accurately recording your intake that you can understand what your TDEE is in the region off. Even then with changes of activity levels it can be difficult to nail. If your looking for a guide figure to start experimenting with then try which i have found isn’t too far off being correct for me.
    -Are you recording your intake correctly?
    Don’t lie to yourself, if it passes your lips it should be recorded via your chosen method, if you don’t know nutritional information on something then find out and you then know for future reference. Just because you don’t know what you have eaten doesn’t mean the scales don’t. If you find yourself saying that little bit doesn’t matter then you need to be aware of the frequency of these “little bits” and that can only be done by … you guessed it TRACKING THEM - if only you had a notebook or piece of paper to write it all in. Portion size is actually a big issue for many people, if your unsure take a picture and ask the question.
  • Are you counting your exercise?
    Being more physically active is great, it improves your physical and mental well being but also helps burn a few calories - it isn’t however the magic answer. We have no way of accurately tracking exercise so it should be seen as an extra boost rather than an integral part of our weight loss journey. Regular physical activity such as walking to and from or part of your job will be taken into account when set your TDEE figure. Football, gym sessions cycling etc that are done infrequently cant be accurately measured so are bonuses and hopefully something you enjoy more not relying on them to shift the weight.
  • Do you let yourself go hungry?
    If you have a good grasp of how many calories your body needs to maintain its current weight then its easier to adjust your intake on hungrier days. If for 5 days you create a calorie deficit of 2500kcals then its not going to hurt on day 6 if your eat you maintenance calories with some sensible choices, larger meals or healthy snacks. Its far more satisfying to do that and eat the right foods then find late on in the day your will power slips and you eat your maintenance or over with the wrong foods.

Hopefully that gives some people some food for thought and we can move on to personal motivation in the next few weeks to see you through the Bank Holiday and break between the seasons.

Cheers, Ben

After 12 weeks , Who ate All Depays manage a proper win on the pitch. Chuffed!