Fox Hollies Prem 09/07/2018 I'll lose weight - i don't know when but it could be agen!

Evening all. Apologies that i didn’t get to do a post last week so we have a fair bit to catch up on!

With England showing the grit and determination of some of the best MAN v FAT Football teams i think we all excited and have potentially allowed ourselves to start believing and asking if its possible. I said before we started i would be over the moon with a quarter final place but have to be honest i would be a bit disappointed now if we don’t make the final … at least.

congratulations to Neil Shuter of Egco who was our first Premiership 10% this season on just week 7 of he league, He has got there with 7 great consistent weeks and is going to take some catching at the top of the Solo rankings - i wonder if anyone can challenge or will he continue to stretch his lead?

I had the same conversation with lots and lots of people today and it went along the lines of - “yeah I’m sure i could of made plans and managed the day of the games better but its once in 4 years and a long time since we have got this far so i chose not to worry”. I cant sit the other side of the table and preach and tell people thats the wrong attitude and you should abstain from everything and watch the game in silence but i would definitely take the time to say EARN IT! By that i mean you have 5-6 days around the football so put some work in, restrict your intake, up your exercise and put yourself in a positive place before the game and at very least you will limit the damage.With that being said 70% of the league lost weight this week which during the world cup and for many the holiday season i don’t think thats bad at all.

Here are the last few weeks of team of the week…

Team of the season so far…

For anyone who is interested in looking a bit deeper into the effects alcohol has on the body then be sure to take a look here . Be sure that your choices are based on enjoying things and not just another excuse to jump on bored. I weighed in plenty of people who enjoyed a day off for the game but still recorded losses so its definitely manageable.

Although i regularly feel like a broken record I’m going to continue to bang on a bout meal prep and planning. Poor food decisions are a common issue so remove the decisions or make them when you feel positive. Plan your 3 meals a ay for as far in advance as your willing to go, stock the kitchen and the freezer and remove the need to choose what to eat when you are mentally tired or stressed. A simple setup like the picture below (obviously with better food choices) can be used to outline your plans and needs for the week.

The next key part of this is to hold yourself accountable. With food diary bonuses available and only 1-2 teams actually scoring bonus points its crazy to see people not only not completing them but also not even bringing handbooks in to record their weight. Food diaries are not only there to help me help you but also tp build another layer of accountability and to help you identify issues and areas of improvement so lets have a massive push this week and get back into good habits.

Most importantly guys