Fox Hollies Week 9 - 17/07/2017 Fox Hollies goes Live



Evening all. Tonight saw the very first Fox Hollies games streamed live on Facebook. The football was fairly good and we had some engaging comments which is positive. The 4 teams involved showed great attitudes and on a very hot night put some graft in.

After a bit of a slump for a few weeks the whatsapp focus seems to have returned and players are back to being accountable and checking in more regularly. That saw us record losses of 27kg which although not setting the scales on fire is fairly decent for week 9 season 5 when you look at how many players we have who are on there 3rd/4th and even 5th season in a row.

This week on WhatsApp we are going to look at celebrating victories, what several seasons of MvF can result in and hopefully show the new blood what they can expect to achieve if they commit to the scheme and put the work in.

After speaking with Captains and being told several teams who have lost touch with the top of the league are struggling for motivation we will be launching the Fox Hollies cup a week or 2 early and next mondays weigh in will decide at least in part the results of round 1 of the cup, keep an eye on your whatsapp group for format and who your oppositions are.

Here are the current Team Standings

Real Sosobad - 51.1kg
Who ate All Depays - 42.6kg
Flapjacks - 37.4kg
A Load Of Kaka - 37kg
FC EGCO - 25.6kg
XL Legends - 23.6kg
Midlands - 21.3kg
O.B City - 18.7kg

Individual Standings
1st - 13.33% /21.1kg
2nd - 11.89%/14.5kg
3rd - 9.26%/12.3kg
4th - 8.8%/11.1kg
5th - 8.7%/8.8kg
6th - 8.13%/10kg
7th - 7.19%/8.7kg
8th - 6.44%/6.2kg
9th - 6.07%/6.4kg
10th 6%/7kg

We all know its difficult to be golden 100% of the time but we had lots of great examples this week of people making small sacrifices (careful choices when eating out, spirits instead of beer and cutting the bread at BBQ’s - check this post out for beer substitutions Alcohol free drinks) to ensure a loss on the scales and a step closer to their long term goals. As always the first step in any journey is to have a plan. If you find yourself sitting there reading this and not being able to answer how you plan to lose weight for next weeks weigh in the first key step is TO CONTACT ME. Lets get some simple steps in place to get you going in the right direction.

Ive said it before and ill say it again if you are above your starting weight and getting a -1 each week then you also need to speak to me asap. If you dont speak to me and get help with your issues not only can i not help you but i also wont know if you actually want the help to begin with. Im more than happy to put the time and effort in to getting you going in the right direction but my motivation will directly reflect yours. You can reach me on or get my number from your team whatsapp group.

Lets keep Fox Hollies up there as a one of the top leagues and have a good push for the remaining 5 weeks to give us a great finish and something to celebrate (potentially an awards night being lined up for inbetween seasons).

Thanks for your efforts. Ben


Looking at the results it seems like this was a big week for players hitting their 5% figures. Well done to all those who have achieved this and more. I’m on target to join you by the end of the season.

With summer holidays on the horizon for many of us, the lure of the all inclusive buffet will be all too powerful. Extra lengths in the pool and long walks on the beach will hopefully counteract a little of the indulgences.

Rumour has it that Ben is keen to have his inbox filled with as many photos of players in their speedos in exotic locations as possible. Not sure if its related to the league or his own personal website though…


I sat and watched the third match, including who ate all the depays, I clicked to the name, but yeah it was amazing to see how many of the leagues are doing this now, and sharing them to show that although the football in most the leagues are of a high standard, its not about that. its about weight loss