Frank's Fresh Fish Pie

Had this tonight. Bloke-friendly quantities, settings and timings. 3 decent helpings. Feed a friend.

Asda mixed fish pack £3.75 I think. Three varieties.
3 decent-sized spuds (this week I added a sweet potato too for a bit of colour.)
A leek
Handful of broccoli
Can of mushroom soup
Pack of green beans
Peel the spuds, cut them into bits and shove them in a saucepan with boiling water on a hot ring.
Arrange the fish artistically in a pyrex dish. No fat or oil.
Add the leek chopped up real small
Tip the soup over the fish and leek
Cover - lid or foil
Cook in oven on hot for at least half an hour
When the spuds are soft, drain them and mash them up.
Cover the fish splurge with the spuds - use a fork, unless you are a plasterer
Whack it back in the oven for a bit while you…
…Boil up the broccoli and beans - not long at all
Take your fish pie out before it goes black.
Eat smugly.


Deffo gonna try this…

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A couple of hard boiled eggs, halved and popped in the mix before you layer on the tattie works well.

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You could also use a couple of large flat field mushrooms instead of the burger bun.