Fussy eater

Hi guys , I am after some help and advice , here is my dilemma I am a really fussy eater , I don’t like salad , pasta or rice and don’t eat alot of veg

I do count my calories on a daily basis

But was wondering if anyone could give some advice or help on my weight loss journey

Thanks guys

Similar here. But if you track your calories it’s half the battle. I’ve found my tastes did change though as I lost weight, so don’t rule things out completely. Orange juice (one small glass a day), bananas and baked beans are regulars in my diet.

Hi Jil , thanks for your response and advice :+1::+1::+1:

Initial thoughts - what DO you eat?

It’s not what you don’t like that has done the damage, it’s what you have eaten.

If it’s ‘unhealthy’ foods - are there ways to make the foods healthier / lower in calories?