Fussy Eaters unite


Hey all,

I am an extremely fussy eater, here’s an idea of what I eat every day…

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Chips
Dinner: Chicken and Chips

This needs to change. What would anyone suggest for a fussy eater? My diet does span to Pizza (bad), jacket potato (Surely can’t eat that for dinner AND lunch though), Cottage Pie, Toad in the Hole etc… Basically anything bland.

If anyone has any advice that would be perfect.


Is that really ‘fussy’, or just unhealthily limited? Just a question :grinning:.


Do you enjoy takeaways? Chinese dishes and Indian can be made well at home for lower calories. Also Tom kerridge (think that’s his surname) has a couple of good diet books filled with receipes for fussy eaters as sort of takeaway dishes feature alot. Look at hairy bikers receipes too fairly sure you’ll find something there some of them are.beyter than full fat receipes.


Is it that you just don’t like those foods or is there a phobia attached to other foods?

I know this is aimed at children but it has a lot of sensible advice in there:



Maybe not fussy… I think I have a serious problem with opening up and trying new foods and stick to what I know is safe and what I like.


I think there’s a phobia attached. When someone offers me new food to try I straight up turn it down without even a second thought. Sometimes the thought of something new makes me feel physically sick.


Hey thanks for the advice. I’m not mad on Chinese or Indian - My problem is I stick to the foods that I like and the thought of trying anything new makes me feel sick… I will have a look at the Hairy Bikers recipes now


@Joe_Sayers The good news for is that at least you know you can stick to a fairly limited variety of meals this definitely helps to keep things simple and consistent.
I know that when I first started (fellow fussy eater here) I just found 3/4 healthy meals I could manage and stuck to them. I lost 3 stone eating pretty much nothing but chicken, rice and spinach for lunch then meat/fish, potatoes and peas for my evening meal 7 days a week, it’s all about portion control to stay within your calories.

Truth is if you eat potato, chicken and mince there are plenty of options out there for you, I know a few of my bodybuilder friends who pretty much live on mince and potatoes during their preps.


Try getting hold of some slimming world recipes for the foods you already like. Their fakeaway books are great, healthier ways to make chips in the oven and other tasty treats


You can change it around @Joe_Sayers, trust me.

I was the first born in my family. I basically got my own way with food, which meant no fruit and veg for years.

I forced myself to open up and try new food again. Experiment, get some colour on that plate, and you never know what you might enjoy. Like @admin says, don’t dismiss it after one taste, try and mix it up by trying to add into different recipes.

You can get veg into omelettes, into spag bols, without it tampering on the taste or more importantly the texture of the meal.


Agree with the above, recently I have been using “Hello Fresh” boxes, and was surprised when I had to grate carrot into my chilli and spag bol but it worked really well to increase the volume and the veg