Game wear



Hi Guys,

Anyone know of any good sites that stock tops around the 4xl mark?

Struggling to find any gear to fit! - Preferably white!


Jacamo is for the bigger lad isnt it


Not a massive amount of choice on there unfortunately mate, may have to just accept it though for the time being.

Massive shame that sports direct or decathlon don’t go up another couple of sizes as their gear is great value for money.


It’s a huge shame that Sports Direct and the like don’t go up a few sizes like you said…just think of all the money they’re missing out on there!

Amazon, weirdly, is good for bigger sizes although I don’t know what the quality would be like.
Big clothing 4 u, Jacamo and if you’ve got a Yours clothing in your town I noticed that they’ve got a men’s section now, it’s called Bad Rhino which is a very odd name :laughing:

And give eBay a try, I would’ve thought that it’d be full of people who have lost weight who want to get rid of bigger clothes?


Not sure how you’ve got this far without visiting the MAN v FAT shop!


Not a bad suggestion there @emma!

@admin I will be looking at getting a proper top once I start to level out with my top sizes.


My suggestion would be to buy one in every size to document your weight loss journey. Then buy one for the Mrs and kids. And your neighbours.


I was going to suggest this too, looks like you will be sorted there.

Though @emma. the thought of a transitional shop would be a good idea too. I have a lot of clothes in good condition that would suit people moving down the sizes. I cannot even give it away here as the poor and hungry don’t need 46 inch waist jeans.
I think it is good for us to get rid too. It moves us on to the next part of our lives, a kind of therapy for us?


I was gonna say that lol


That’s a really good idea - I could see it working as an online thing, think it might be a bit niche for the high street! But for now, shove them on eBay!

You’re right that it’s good to get rid of them - my wardrobe was stuffed full of bigger clothes from before I’d lost weight and one day I just thought…why am I holding on to these clothes?! Getting rid of them is like committing to maintaining your weight loss. Like saying yes, this is who I am now and I’m not going back to the person who wore those clothes.

Plus if you do sell them on eBay you can put the money you make towards new clothes, win win!


It would be a great idea if there was something that could be set up on this site, whether it part of the forum or a store where people could put their clothing on for people who are currently on their journey to losing weight. @admin, let’s make this happen?


Its been mentioned a few times and then dies off -


You can try big dude clothing.


I brought a manvfat top fits well except length. Like most big guys tops they forget they have further to go over the belly so always need a few more inches length.


Anyone know where I can get football socks for extra large calfs? I have some Sondico 12-14 socks from SD which are quite tight on the calfs and just below knee. Looked on ebay, amazon etc. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Which top is that mate? The t-shirt or the football shirts?


It’s a struggle, is the annoyingly short answer.


The football top. I love my top and brought it when I started manvfat but I have a t shirt under it otherwise you see my belly as I play football in it. I find most big lads feel conscious about this.


We agree! We did a number of fittings with a tailor to come up with the final design for the shirt. It actually runs about 3 inches longer than most shirts, precisely for this reason. We’ll take a look at the design again because I agree completely, it’s much nicer to have a long shirt.


To be fair I have the same problem with a few jacamo tops