Get your badges!


This is ace - MAN v FAT hero @DolmanDarrall has been doing some work on the badges idea that we discussed a while ago and we’ve got a first working version, which not only gives you a badge but it allows you to show how much you’ve lost with MAN v FAT directly on your posts.

So…if you’ve been losing with MVF then let me know how much and I’ll award your badge. You can imagine the polite applause from everyone in the room.

New badges!
Where/What are Badges?
New chap checking in
Addicted to Coke
First 30 Day Challenge Completed
Weigh in Friday 4th September

22lbs can i have a badge please??


I lost 10lbs in the first MVFIA. In the recent one at the moment I am not doing as well and am breaking even so far. Still two days to go though and going to have a big push following a very busy weekend!


10lbs so far


I’ve lost 25lbs since I started dieting at the end of May. This MVFIA - I’ve only lost 2.5lbs so far…


46lbs since I started losing in May, just after discovering MvF


I am down from 99.8kg to 93.2 this week in three months


Well done one and all - you have officially been awarded your badges - now if you want to get it on your profile simply do this:

  • Click on your face in the top right hand corner.

  • Choose preferences

  • Click the little pencil to the right of Title

  • Choose the badge you earned and save changes.

It will appear on your future posts just next to your username - now imagine how good it will be when you get the next one…


Great thanks! So do they break down into 5lb or 10lb losses? Just curious of how far from the next one I am… Always loved a good badge! :wink:


Aye, currently they go



But we’re also looking at some for completing a MVFIA course and for other acts of wonderment.


You’re going to need to add a 60 at the rate I’m going.


Can’t wait!


This isn’t an exhaustive list but I think pretty much everyone on this list is owed a badge. Of course if you don’t want one then that’s different…

@steve4 K


I’ve not spiralled into oblivion. Having my MVFIA group prevented me from putting weight on when all I wanted to do was eat. Is there a badge for that?


Kind of tough to fit into a tiny badge but we could try :slight_smile:


I’m completely bamboozled here. I can’t see anything called Title under my preferences.


Ditto :confused:


My home issues or lack of one in the last week i have been out the loop and didn’t even know badges were on offer - but I never turn down a freebie

Hopefully I will have a home again from tomorrow so will be back on track - a week of fast food must have taken its toll but I have had no fridge cupboards or cooker so couldn’t help it - that’s my excuse anyway


Will never so no to freebie a badge :smile:


I can only find something called ‘regular’ on mine.