Get your badges!


Regular is better than nothing - unless Am missing something it’s all I am


You need to let me know which badge you’ve earned and then I can add it to your account. Then it will appear where your other titles are.


You can put me down for the 10lb then


Lost 14lb so far, so that’s my 10lb badge earned, thanks


Now I understand.
I would like the 10lb one for now please.


Another for 10lbs please.


Updated my profile to show current weight.
I’m now 25lb lighter than when I started my diet.
But less than 10lb of that is since being on MvF.
Not sure which badge I’m supposed to be asking for?


That’s the spirit!

You all have your badges, shout if anyone has trouble adding it on the preference>title bit.


Morning @admin, could I get a 30lb one please - although hopefully be trading up in a few weeks.


It has been granted…


Bob - superb effort!!! Glad to see one of my ex-MFVIA doing so well!!!


Hey @admin, may I please have a 10lb badge


Yes, in return for filling in your profile :smile:


Now I’ve got my cool badge I feel I need my profile to match!


Ah, now, I get it. I’ll take “Lost 100 Pounds” please or 130 lbs if you can? Soon to be back at Lost 150 Pounds


Cheers Phil - I’ve been at it for a while though, completely claiming badge based credit for everything I’ve lost since my most massive a couple of years back. :slight_smile:


ah right. I’ll have my 10lbs badge then, please.

Also - acts of wonderment. I threw some pizza away the other night. That’s fairly massive. People have been knighted for less. :wink:


10lb for me too please :slight_smile:


I will knock up a 100lbs, 150lbs one @howmanymiles.


Wow 130 lb. amazing