Get your badges!


Well done to both of you, I’ve updated your badges accordingly!


I’ve lost 26kg since I started in August. And 16kg so far this season, around 17% of my starting weight. Can I have a badge please.


Hi, Ive lost 10.14 lbs & hit my 5% target

Can I have the relevant badges please



1st Hatrick. Please may I have a badge


A total of 32.4kgs lost after last nights weigh in. Can I have a 70lb badge please?


It’s still melting away consistently - 61lb down since 15 August now - please can I have a badge upgrade @admin? :sunglasses:

I’m now 170/171lb, which is something of a shock and was my most ambitious year end target a few months ago. Need to start thinking seriously about how to maintain.

As ever, thanks for the support to everyone at MvF.


Hi I’m a bit late to the badges thread as it’s week 10 already (Nottingham) but I have thoroughly enjoyed the season and really benefited from the motivation and team spirit. I’ve lost 26 lb and hit my 5 & 10% marks. Now… about those badges!


I’m now down from 165kg to 145.5kg that’s 43 lbs. Can I have my 40 lb badge please.


Amazing work but there’s no actual hatrick badge on the forums. Tell us what you’ve lost (% and lbs) and I can give you those badges.

Everyone else is UPDATED!

Well done everyone!


Hi all. When I joined towards the end of last season I was a bit dubious about things, especially when I actually put weight on initially. However, with the help & support of the staff in MK, plus the same and more from the mighty Mars Barcelona teammates I have lost weight consistently for 9 weeks, and passed the 5% loss threshold.

And enjoyed it ! Immensely. Even the weeks when we lost, it was difficult to get these boys down.

So, a 5% badge, get the hattrick badges sorted, and what about recognising the hattrick of hattricks ?

In closing, I am so f*ing proud.



So are we! Amazing job Robin, it’s always great to see when something suddenly just clicks with a player and they start to lose weight. I’m pretty sure you should do a Victory post as well…

Badges awarded!


Can I get my 40 pounds badge please?


Hi there,

After weighing in at MvF Football Liverpool last night, I’ve now passed the 30lb loss mark since joining the forum.

So could I have the 30lb badge please?



Pass 80lbs and 90lbs and so close to a 100lbs ( 600 grams away)


I have lost 13.2kg. Nearly 30lbs.
5% & 10% both hit… lost weight 10 weeks in a row… gimme all the badges you have :grin::grin::grin:

Actually 18.1kg nearly 40lbs but some was before ManvFat


Can I get my 20 lbs and 30lbs please


All up to date - well done one and all!


Can I get my 70lbs badge and a 30% one too please

Thanks in advance!


30% !! Well played !


111.2Kg/245Lbs start
Now at 97.4Kg/215lbs
Can I have my 30Lbs badge please