Get your badges!


I have lost 2 1/2 stone this year since starting MvF football but overall since starting on the forums I am now 20lb down


Evening all - starting weight 13 weeks ago 149kg- tonight’s weigh-in was 125kg so a 24kg loss which I believe is a shade under 53lbs so can I claim my 50lb badge please?


:clap::vulcan_salute: well done


I think I need my 40 lb badge now. I’m down to 206.8 lbs, as of this morning.


Hi I’ve lost 15.8 kg with one week to go in the Nottingham season. I think that is just shy of 35 lb which I never thought would be possible. My team is in the final of the cup and I’m off to St George’s Park in the morning. Suffice to say it’s been a great season on and off the pitch. Thanks to Ryan and everyone at MvF! Can I have my 30lb badge please.


Congrats. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Say hi when you see a chap with RIP BROTHER on his shirt.:+1:

Most of our team opted to stay overnight as we are from Newcastle.

Needless to say I just woken up excited that it’s SGP day only to discover that it’s only 3am. :joy::joy::joy:

Back to sleep.


Heya, I’m coming to the end of my first season in Eastbourne, and looking forward to the next one in the new year.
Can I get some badges added onto my profile?
I’ve hit my 5% and 10% hitting 4 hat tricks on the way losing a total of over 16kg.
Many thanks​:grin::soccer:


Sorry for the delay guys - St George’s Park has been taking up all our time recently!

All badges are now up-to-date! Well done!!!


MvF has been a complete revelation to me. I’ve been “meaning to do something” about my weight for years now. Best thing I ever did was join the Nottingham league back in September. Season one is done, my team finished second in the League and I lost 10.5Kg in 14 weeks, (actually, 12 as I missed the last two weeks), I think that’s about 23.1lbs?? and 3 hat tricks. Am I due any badges?

So looking forward to season 2. :soccer: :grinning:


Well I didn’t see this coming… Since joining Mvf in the third week of August I’ve shed 30% and now need a 70lb badge. I’m a shade over 160lb and gob-smacked to say the least.

Yesterday I had a debate with the woman in the shirt shop about slim vs. super slim fit in a collar size that made me laugh out loud. On the same day at our work HQ (where I’ve not been since July) people ignored me because they didn’t recognise me and were open mouthed in shock upon realising it was me.

The way I feel, the energy I have and the positivity about life in general has been transformational for me and my family. MvF and everyone involved here - I cannot thank you enough. This site changes and saves lives… and I don’t even play football!

Apologies for posting this outpouring in here - please can I have a 70lb badge!!!

Merry Christmas everyone


After the completion of the first season of the Nottingham League I have now lost 24kg/52lb. Can I have the 50lb badge please.


And just to counter @Matt76 great post please can I have my 20lb, 30lb and 10% badges removed until I get back to the weight?! :smile:


We don’t do removals - you know you’ve lost that weight and you know that you can do it again, it’s there to motivate you!

Everyone else the badges are done!


Just hit FIFTY lbs! Can I get a halleluja? No, just a badge then, please!



Well played that man.


nice one mate!
Have added it :slight_smile:


After a brief Christmas plateau I’ve gone through 140 pounds this week. can I get badged up please?


Good man well done!


Morning. Can I get my 40lb badge please?

Managed to go from 228lbs in April ‘16 to 187.4lbs as of this morning. Hope to be back one final time for 20% in the next few weeks when I get the final 5.4lbs off for my target weight :smile:

(Just to note: about 24 lbs of that was lost through MvF Football in Liverpool :soccer: )


Please can I get my 30lb badge :+1:

Now at my lowest weight for around 17 years, but still more work to do to get to my goal