Get your badges!


Evening. Could I get the 30lb badge please? I’m now 15st 10lbs, down from 17st 13lbs when I very first started losing weight last August.

Finally starting to lose weight regularly again after December’s plateau.



Hi, I haven’t claimed any badges yet, so now it’s time to fill me boots.

I started out last Jan @ 276lb
Today I’m 231

So that’s 40lb. Do I also get ones up to that level?
And > 15%. Ditto 5 & 10%. .?



After last nights weigh in I’m now 87kgs giving me a total loss of 81lbs. Any chance of a new badge? I was well chuffed because the weight loss has slowed down as I get closer to my target weight but I’ll just carry on doing what I’m doing and for once in my life try to be patient.


Can I please get a badge, hit my 10 percent this week. Thanks


Hey Admin. It’s been a while since I’ve claimed a badge but I would love a nice shiny 100lb lost badge, please :raised_hands: :muscle: Thank you! :smile:


well done lads good work - all done!

@paulstoke2011 - How much you lost in total and we can add that in :slight_smile:

@Josh_Deegan - good to see you back and amazing result in the last few months!!


Wow. You are the man.


Congratulations everyone - and thanks to @mikechristopher superadmin!


Can I get my 10% and 20lbs badges please?


Hi all not been on for a while but now into Season 2 at Derby and as of tonight’s weigh-in I’ve lost a total of 31.8kg so could I please claim my 60lb and 70lb badges


Hello all, I need the 50 lb badge. And my 75% badge.



Hello there, I’ve lost 8kg so I believe thats 10 pound, 15 pound and also my 5% badge please?


Down from 113.2kg to 110kg in week 1…


Hi, I have lost 8kgs so could I have my 10 and 15lb along with my 5% badges please


Well done all you lads - all up to date


We’re into week 4 of series 2 in Nottingham. I’m 19kg lighter and have got my BMI down to 24.76. Didn’t think that would ever happen! Can I have my 40lb badge please (and a biscuit!).


Could I get my MVFIA badge please :slight_smile:


Ive lost just over 37lbs so far since joining and a 5 and 10% to boot can I have ze badges please?


Hi @barny - you need to complete the following:


  • Update your profile and add an avatar (here’s how).
  • Update your About me and Location in your profile
  • Have at least 5 posts made on the forum and have been granted the MVFIA Ready Badge
  • Reply to this thread and let us know you want to join.


50lb target achieved this morning.

Could I have the badge to prove it please