Get your badges!


I’ve just finished my 1st group and managed a 14lb loss could I have my badge please :muscle:


Can you remove my 30lb badge please. I’m had a complete relapse and am back to the drawing board.


Hi @admin When do we get them? Also how do you get it so it shows your weight loss under your name on posts? Thanks.


Hi Mike, as of last weeks weigh in I have now lost 30 pounds, could I have an update please?


Hi. Last week I hit 7.8kg lost. Didn’t realise there were badges! That’s over the 5% and should hit 10% soon too!


I’m due my 150lb badge please (339 (starting) to 185 today)


I think your due a victory post thread of your own on the main forum. Great work, well done.


Thank you @Adrian, I’m getting there. Another 15 pounds and I will be where I want to be. Then it’s victory post time!




@phippsy62 @Squidgy @snakehips @stephenwatkins1 @JIL - nice work all of you - sorry about the delay but all badges granted :slight_smile:

@Milligut - We dont tend to remove badges as you had earned it! Use it now as a target to get back there as you know you can do :slight_smile:


Hopefully hit 10% next week too!!


Just jumped on to update the badges and once again realised that you’ve stepped into the breach. Thanks Mike!


Hi all 112.4kg as of last night so a total weight loss of 36.6kg which I believe takes me 80lbs lost since September so could I have my 80lb badge please?


Can’t see the badge to ADD my 5% target achieved?


@admin do I only get a badge for weight lost here or can I have for weight lost since my restart on January 6th this year? If only here I did 15lbs in team Bulge but since January I’ve lost 16.9kgs which is 37lbs which i guess would be the 30lb badge.




I lost over my 5% (6kg) last night and so far i’ve lost 7.2kg (15.8lbs) in the 5 weeks i’ve been at Man v Fat, can i have the badges for all of these as i haven’t had any so far. thanks


same boat!


All done and dusted - shout if there’s any I’ve missed!


could i get my 5kg, 10kg and 5% thanks


:+1: thank you