Get your badges!




Hi, lost 13 pounds so far and someone’s just alerted me to this thread… could I have my 5 and 10 pound badges please? Thanks :+1:t4:


hi ive lost 5.39% body weight at the Oxford City league in the first 4 weeks so can i have my badge please


I’m at 10.7% now so I think I am safe to ask for my 10% badge please. :smile: Oh and is there a 30 pounds badge too? I started on here at 278 and am at 248 now. Thank you.


I’ve lost just over 20lbs which is over 5% of my start weight. Any chance of a badge :crossed_fingers:


Badges all done, well done!


Cheers mate


Over 18 months since claiming my 50, I finally made it to 60 pounds off. Can I have my badge please sir? It’s also over 25% of my body weight lost if there’s a badge for that?

10 pounds to go to target weight. Let’s hope it’s not another 18 months!


I will claim my first 5lbs badge please, only one week in, but it would be nice to put something on the board :slight_smile:


Finally shifted a bit more; please may I have my 40lbs badge :grinning:


Hi I’ve lost 12.5 kilos (this season so far) and have my 5% and one hat trick. Is that enough for a badge? Overall I’m 27kg down since January, but that crosses over the end of one season (when I joined) and the start of this one.


10.2 kilos lost now. Been struggling last few weeks with being snowed in (I live in rural Devon) combined with a week away with the wife but still lost 1.2 kilos, much to my surprise. So could I have any relevant badges please? I WILL hit the 15% mark by the end of current season (same day as my birthday!)


Stephen, how close to Brixham are you? do you play in a manvfat league?


Hi, I play in the Exeter league. I live near Okehampton so it’s quite a stretch to get to brixham


ah ok , because of work i play in Solihull at Lode Heath but i’m busy trying to get interest in the proposed Torquay league as i’m hoping to stop this weekly commute north at the end of this year


I’ve lost 12lbs so far in halfcseaon and scored 2 hat tiricks in weight and on pitch lol where are the badges do you tag them yourself??? :grinning:


see first post in this thread
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Sep '15


This is ace - MAN v FAT hero @DolmanDarrall has been doing some work on the badges idea that we discussed a while ago and we’ve got a first working version, which not only gives you a badge but it allows you to show how much you’ve lost with MAN v FAT directly on your posts.

So…if you’ve been losing with MVF then let me know how much and I’ll award your badge. You can imagine the polite applause from everyone in the room.


Yes, it’s great to see all the losses isn’t it ManVFat has really helped me I did boxing twice and only managed to lose a few kg, since signing up I’ve lost 5.5kg I had one week where I was even and one week 1kg up gave me the kick up the a**e I needed next week I should get my 5% I’m hoping for 10% come end of first season


Blooming well done to you all. I’ve updated the badges, you should be very proud!


I’m due a 40lber I think, can you add please?