Get your badges!


Can I get a 70lb badge please .


I’m ready for the 40lb badge please.



done :slight_smile:


Wow! I thought I was doing well and then I look at how much you guys are all losing and just am lost for words.


But you are doing well. You have lost 20lbs, aka 9 bags of sugar.


Can I have my 10lb badge please, many thanks!


I’ve only just realised that I need to ask for badges. lol

I’ve shed 15kg since starting MvF Football (11.37% so far), so can I get my 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb and 5% badges please?


Can I get my 50 pound badge please boom!


I got my 10% this week (for this season), if you could see your way clear to adding that badge for me please?


Didn’t realise you need to ask for badges. Noted and looking forward to making my first claim.


I’ve lost 9.10kg and have hit 2 hatricks can I have a badge or 2



125.5kg down to 102.8kg now.

Apparently 22.7kg is a fraction over 50 pounds.

New badge please :smiley:


Was wondering when my MVFIA badge would be awarded as I think I’ve completed everything.

  • Avatar / profile picture - done
  • About me and profile updated - done
  • 5 posts made to the forum - Earned +5 posts badge - done

Am I missing something as I’m keen to get on a MVFIA 30 day weight loss group


Start weight 149kg tonight’s weigh-in 107.8kg which is 41.2kg lost since September which I believe is a little over 90lbs - could I claim my badge please???


Still waiting on my 10lbs badge, but can I also get my 15lbs and my 5% please. Boom!! A bit happy about this weeks weigh in to say the least!!


I don’t really understand how the badge system works, but I’m currently in my second season with Man v Fat, have hit 10% twice and have lost 117 pounds (32% of my boody weight). Do I qualify for a badge?


Also, do I need to ask regarding hat-tricks as I believe I have fufillled that too


The badge system is forum-based rather than football. For a complete list see here:


I have now lost 12kg exactly and passed my 10%!! Any additional badges please!!!


Wow! That’s impressive mate.