Get your badges!


I’m still awaiting the following badges


Thanks in advance


Thank you


I would say you deserve a badge or two Zac, that is an amazing achievement. Have a look through the list of badges and just ask for what you have achieved for the pounds loss and percentages (in your case most of the weight loss ones). At a minimum get the 110lbs and 30% badges and display one of them on your profile page (that is what gives you the flavour text of ‘Lost x pounds’ next to your name).


Can I get the lost 110 pounds badge please


@mikechristopher, @admin, Any chance of one of you fine chaps updating the badges, it has been a couple of weeks since they were last done and there are some pretty impressive numbers there? Thanks muchly!!


Sorry for the delay lads - they have now all been added!

Impressive achievements all round!


Im anxiously hoping after tonight's weigh in, Ill be asking for…
5, 10, 15, 20 pounds
10% body weight loss!


I have hit the 20kg lost so can I please have my badge updated to 40lbs please. Cheers


Hi ive just reached my 10% weight loss
Could i please have my 5, 10, 15, 20 pound badges
And 5% and 10%


Ive now lost over my 5% could i get my badge please. :blush:


I’ve lost 70lb. Can I have a badge please.


I don’t know if this is recent but I like how I can choose to show a badge or not. I feel like a fraud having a “Lost 30 Pounds” badge after putting quite a bit of weight back on. I can re-reward myself as I start again.


spoke too soon.

I was 0.1kg OVER my target yday… however, the scale normally used for the weigh-in was unavailable. So we used a different scale!!!


Hat trick of weight loss twice is there a badge for those ? :roll_eyes:
So close to 5% love this ManVFat


20lbs done (exactly) can I have my 20lbs badge please.


All badges granted - no hatrick one unfortunately but looking forward to granting the 5% @Paul_Slaney!


Morning. I have now lost 40lbs since August 2017 so could I please have the 40lbs badge?



Good evening. I’ve now lost over 60lbs and 20% since I began, could I please have the badges to reflect this please?

Many thanks


Hi Mike

At the end of my second season I have lost 40lbs and more than a foot from around my waist.
Would you update my badges please?


Hi Mike,

Can I have my 5%, 5/10/15 pound badges please.