Get your badges!


Hi I’ve lost 56 lbs in 2 seasons now can I update my badges please. Cheers


All done - well bloody done guys!


Week 13 last night in Exeter. Can I have my 30lb badge please!!


Hi @admin @mikechristopher

Can I please request the following badges to be given to me?

10 pounds
15 pounds
20 pounds

10 percent

Got my eyes on the 30 pounds one - but might need to wait until season 2!!!


Well done lads - badges added


thank you!!!


I have lost 9lbs since starting 3 weeks ago!


Good stuff mate. Good luck and keep it up!


Hi again,
Can I get the lost 120 pounds badge please?


I forgot to ask for my 60 lb badge. I’m almost at 70 pounds too, but not quite there yet.


Can i have the 50lb badge please. Things are ticking along nicely hete.



All done guys - well done one and all!


Good evening I’ve finished season one got my 5% started 133.5 kg got to 124kg can I have my 5% badge please :+1:t2: I think that’s 20 pounds loss :+1:t2:


Chuffed to say I can reinstate my 5lb badge.


Lost 111lbs now


thats awesome , well done mate:+1::ok_hand:


I’ve lost 35.6lbs to date so could I have the 30lb lost badge please?
That is about 13.5% body weight gone! :grin:



I lost just over 30kg in the first season and just about to start the second season. Can I please have 70lbs and 20%.




Down 12.59kg in my 2nd season …roll on season 3


I Have now lost 16kg can I have my new set of badges please