Get your badges!


well done lads all badges up to date




Im down 31lb any chance of a badge please :slight_smile:


thank you much appreciated


Just finished 1st season : start weight - 124.6 - end of season weight - 114 - 10.6kg lost

Badge Please.



121kg down to current level at 93.5kg, Please can I have my badges?


Thank You

Mark Cottrill


I have just broken the 30lb mark, down a bit over 31lbs this morning so could I have my badge please!!


Hi all - just stepped on the scales to record 103.6kg that’s 45.4kg lost since September last year which I believe gets me my 100lb badge?


Wow, huge congratulations to you all for your progress. Take a bow son(s).

All badges completed.


I can now reinstate 15lbs and 5% badges.


Can I claim my 10% badge please


I can now reinstate 20lb badge.


33lb off so far 40lb to go to target. …hoping to hit this by Xmas…this takes me over 10% since signing up to MVF back in Sept 17


well done mate good going!




Claiming 10lb please, cheers


Can I claim up to 25lbs and 5% please

Many thanks.


Can I have a 60lbs badge? Thanks :metal:t2:



Been a bit of a gap but I have now reinstated my loss from last year (that I fully put back on!) and gone one better. Can I have my 30lb badge please. Determined now to not go backwards again.


well done all updated :slight_smile: