Get your badges!


Hi can I get my 5lb badge please lost 4kg in 3 weeks since joining.


How do I collect the badges. I’m the lowest I’ve been in years. Currently 349lb. Did get up to 384lb before I returned.


Could I please have my 30lb and 10% badges please


Hi, After 4 weeks I’ve already managed to hit my 5% and just 3lbs from hitting my 10% I’m praying hit next week.

Can I have my 5% badge please? Unsure how to go about it.


Now down 46.8kg I think that’s a little over 100lbs. Can I have a few more badges please.


24.5kgs. Can i get a badge please?


Happy to request my 40 lb badge!

265lb on 4th January
223lb this morning


just need to let us know what badges you need :slight_smile:


I’ve lost 23lb overall since starting and around 10 in the 30 day group. I’ll grab a badge if they are going free? :slight_smile:


Could I get my 15lbs badge please managed to lose 3kg last week.


just hit 10kg lost and my 5% badge pls


19 stone 11 to 15 stone 6. I make that 60 pounds & anything else there is,.


I can i get my 10% badge


I’ve now lost 24Kg, can I please get my 50lb badge?


upto 18kg lost and past the 10% can I get updated badges please :smiley:

Dan v Fat - 9 months in, 7st out

Hi guys
Been a while as I did not have a league, but joined Lambeth, weighed in and have now lost 147 pounds!
So may I have 130 & 140 pounds lost badges please


Can I claim my 20 lb please, thanks to all in BUTCH



ive lost 7st (98 lb) can i request a badge please? also info on how to get it displayed

Thank you


With pleasure mate! Have added all the badges and put up the latest one for you :slight_smile:


Cheers fella!