Get your badges!


Click on your pic top right…then your name just down to the left…see the badges tab? You’ll find them there.


Please could I request my 100lb badge? :smiley:


With pleasure mate - congratulations on the century!


Thank you!

How do they go after 100? Every 5/10/25 etc?


Every 10 still mate


Hi guys,

could I get me some badges please? I’ve seen above that you can either go from your time on mvf, or your overall journey. I think in the past I have always treated each attempt to lose weight as a battle, but with no reference to the overall war, so I’d like to go for all from the start of my journey please:

Starting weight 256 lbs, current weight 204.6 lbs. So that would be;
5,10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 lbs and 5%, 10%, 20%.



I’ll have my 30lb badge also. I started MvF at 319 and now down to 289lb👍🏻


Is there an 80lb badge? Started originally at 328 and now at 246.5 almost reached 25%!


Hi guys,

Can I get some badges please?

I’ve lost 41 pounds from a starting weight of 360lbs so I make that my 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 5% and 10%



I’ve now lost 55.3kg (122 pounds) can I have my 120 pound badge please.


amazing feat mate well done you!


I’m down to 311lbs from 384lbs that makes a total loss of 73 lbs. Not sure what percentage that is. If someone could work it out please. So can I have my 70lb badge please



I’ve now lost over 100lbs whilst being a member of MANvFAT. Could I please have the badge that reflects this?

Many thanks,


Can I get my 10% badge when you get a chance? Needed to make sure I stayed under it to claim :+1:t2::wink:


I’ve lost 29 pound what badges am I short lol


Weighed in at 193.6 today, down 62.4 lbs in total, so could I get the 60 pound badge please.


Hey, lost 2.5kg on Sunday to take me over 100lb lost since started MvF Football.

Could I get all badges up to 100lb please :grinning:


How come badges are awarded in lbs when weights and losses/gains are in kg? I’ve lost 30 kg -


Just realised I could get some badges, I like a bit of bling.

Started at 267, currently 218, so I can have a 40 lb off badge please. ( will be back in a week for my 50 lbs off, I promise)


Can I get badges from prior to joining MvF or is it since joining MvF?