Get your badges!


I am not on 44 pounds lost and 15.83%. Please can I have the appropriate badges? I am looking forward to getting a 50 badge soon. :slight_smile:


Hi @admin,

is this still the weigh (haha) to register weight loss - I reached more than 60 lbs lost more than 2 weeks ago and posted here, but haven’t yet received ‘badge’. Sorry, not pushing as I know this is a community rather than a business - just dint wanna get missed :wink::wink:


Hi @admin,

Can I request my -60lb badge. I have gone from 288lb down to 225.6lb so a loss of -62.4lbs. A good portion of this was achieved at the manvfat Newcastle group until too many injuries forced my retirement. Thanks


I have updated all of the badges now I believe - please shout if I missed you

Your next one mate will be the 30lb badge coming very soon :slight_smile:

Its just the way it was originally set up before the football leagues were even thought about - It will take some time in order to change it over and redo everyones badges - so we have kept it as is for now.

If its part of your weightloss story then its all part of us mate regardless of if you were here or not back then :slight_smile:

Yours is done mate :slight_smile:


Hey @admin, please can I request my badges? Currently sitting at about 85lbs lost since joining MvF Stoke (147.5kgs down to 108.6kgs). Thanks!




Can I get my 50 lbs off badge please.

Started at 267, now at 209.


I dont kno if i shud get a badge or not.


How do u get a badge


Can I get my 40lb badge? Hit it for the first time today. No rush


It doesnt matter if am not


Ur due a 10lbs badge.


Aye, i hav


I need to update my badge. After the holidays, I’m no longer down 70 lbs. I’m down 60. :flushed:


They don’t take them off. But you can change it in your profile to work towards it. Why don’t you join the 20lb challenge for motivation. 8 and half weeks to go of it

Be good to get ur input over there also as you’ve done it all before


where do you change that in your profile?

And idk if I could do 20 pounds in 8 weeks tbh. Entirely because I’m not sure where I need to be to be calorie deficient. I’m guessing 1900, but thats a guess. One I try that out for a few weeks, I’ll adjust it up or down, and go from there.


Few people are in there for the motivation. But there’s a few who want the 20. More than welcome to join tho


Go to your profile and look for preferences. It’s under title. If on a phone it’s at the bottom.


Sure, why not. How do I join?

Also, thanks for pointing out where to find it.


In here. It’s a busy thread. You’ll find weigh in threads in the weightless category