Get your badges!


Hi Guys, I registered a total loss of 71.2 lbs today, so can I get my 70 lbs badge please. Thanks.


122lbs down since 1st January 2018 so could I have the badges up to that as well as up to 20% please? Many thanks!


Hi again.
Week 1 of Lambeth season 2 done and a new weight loss total of 172.8 lbs.
Can I get up to 170 lbs lost badges please?


Impressive :+1:t2:


Cheers bud


Still looking for my 50 lb off badge, but that’s been superseded as I’m now looking for my 60 lb lost badge.
Last day weigh-in on my current group shows me at 202, down from my start of 267.


Is it possible to get everything up to 130lbs now please? :slight_smile:


Could I get 15% and 40lbs badge? Cheers


Hi @admin how often do you check these posts? No problem if it is on a monthly ‘to do’ list but I posted 22 days ago, and just wanted to make sure I hadn’t been missed.

I have my 30% on the horizon as well which I hope to hit soon, but think I’ll struggle to get to 80 lbs which would be the most I have ever lost… we’ll see

Thanks for all you do, it is appreciated . Cheers.



Can I grab my 10lbs off badge as just completed my first month. :+1:


lost another 10Ibs since returning… can I claim an 80Ib badge please?


I’ll take the 140lbs badge now please! :blush:


@mikechristopher @admin @Andy_Gallon


Hey, I’m down 12lbs after my first month. Can I get my 10lb badge? Thanks!


Down to 178.0 lbs today (from 256), so can I please get my 30% (as well as the 70 lbs from my previous request)? Thanks


Probably not.


Haha. That’s what I thought - been waiting for the 70 lbs since early January. Wont be holding my breathe - it’s not a sustainable weight loss model :grinning:

I see you are wieghting (d’oh) on a few too.


Out of badges sorry.


Hi guys - as you’ve seen we’re currently looking at the badges model as frankly it got to be a bit of a faff so we’re seeing if we can tweak it somewhat. I’ll lock this thread for now and re-open when we have an announcement ready on what we’re going to do with it next!

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