Getting back on track

So Christmas is over for another year and its time to get back on track with your weight loss goals. For some of you this has already been done and others it can be a bit trickier due to being out of a routine that worked, motivation takes a bit of a hit, you feel you’ve undone some of your hard work and you’ve fallen back into some old habits such as cravings for calorie dense food and drink, reduced exercise etc…
How do you get back on track?
-My main bit of advice would be get back into the routine you were in, this will be easier when you’re back into your working routine and therefore you can get back into the routine of any exercise you were doing.
-Set yourself a target. Maybe for the end of this season, maybe a target for the summer, or maybe a goal for this time next year. Set some goals, write them down and have it somewhere for when you lack motivation. What drives you? Health risks, children/family, yourself
Bite the bullet and take the first step. You may not feel like getting back on the bike, going to the gym etc… but once you get past the first step of just doing it, you’ll want to keep it up.
-Getting back on the diet. Do you have chocolates and other calorie dense foods in the house- give them away as gifts for any upcoming birthdays, save them for a treat later on in the year, give them to someone else in the family to have. Get back into the habit of saying no rather than thinking ‘ah why not, I feel sluggish anyway, I may as well eat whatever’, the quicker you get back into eating whole foods that aren’t processed, the better you’ll feel, otherwise you’ll be stuck in a cycle consisting of feeling sluggish/guilty and lacking motivation making it easier to eat rubbish and miss exercise, rather than feeling good and making it easier to say no to those foods that act as a trigger…
-Think how good ou felt when you lost the weight, get back into feeling that way.
-Start keepining your own food diary. You’ll be getting another handbook at registration, but until then, keeping a food log may help you adhere to your diet, and knowing you’re keeping track of it may be a motivator. If this is something people want to do they can send me a picture of a completed week, or bring it on Friday if it’ll help knowing someone will be looking at it.

Also you can join the MVFIA 30 day group which is a free programme where you are put into a group with 9 other guys and offer support to one another. More information can be found following Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group

If anyone else has any other suggestions then feel free to add
Another thing I’d like to bring up, if anyone is struggling with binge eating, whereby you’ll have impulsive binges and feel like you have little control over what you’re doing and then you may ‘punish’ yourself by severely restricting calories the following days, then please drop me a whatsapp or an email ( it will be completely confidential. Although I am not qualified in this area I did help someone with this last year as initially she felt embarrassed to see a professional.


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