Getting started in the Gym


So, I have been fairly successful for the last 3 months with tracking Calories, reducing intake and playing MVF Football weekly and have managed to lose 35 pound. I now think I need to move to the next phase and increase the activity to help me move forward. Also I feel more able to increase the exercise now I have lost the initial couple of stone.

I am planning on using a local council gym for once/twice a week gym session and once a week swim session. Coupled with hopefully a bike ride at the weekend I am hoping that will be a good start.

The question is what to do in the gym as I’m a bit of a novice to be honest. I want to start with 30 min cardio (10 mins each treadmill, Bike, Rower)? Then do half an hour on strength - but what weights should I do? What Reps etc. I really don’t know a lot!!

My Goals are fairly standard - Weight loss in the main and then toning stomach chest and arms would be good! I am 41 and as of this morning 103.2 Kg (Down from 119)

Any help much appreciated.


Here you go mate, I made this EXACTLY for this purpose mate :slight_smile:


Thanks @maxnas but when I go into it the plan itself is not loading I think:

Just a grey box or am I missing something?


ah, must be your web browser mate, it’s a link to instagram but I’m looking at it on google crome & internet explorer right now & seems fine

Here’s just a plain pic of the plan mate, take a screenshot :slight_smile:

Here’s the pic of exercise examples


ah, no problem, its probably a restriction on the work PC. Ill check it all out at home later - thanks a lot, looks ideal!!


No problem mate, & yep you litterally craft this around your prefferences, time & equipment availibility… it fits around you, rather than you fitting around ‘it’ :slight_smile:


Great to see that @maxnas has directed you to the strength programme which I think is a great starting point. With regard to the cardio I think the thing that people often overlook is for you to do what you actually enjoy! If you hate rowing, don’t do it. If you love salsa dancing, do that. Cardio is anything that sees your heart rate moving into different zones. The best cardio is to do something that you don’t even see as exercise so that you can sustain it.

Also - well bloody done on losing 35 pounds, that’s amazing!