Getting the Mojo Back - A Common Problem


Hey guys. I signed up to the Chiswick league that ultimately fell through so no on-the-pitch stories to tell. But I do have a story about weight loss that I think is more common than most people realise.

I was fat. Very fat.
I lost weight. Lots of weight.
I then put nearly all of it back on.

This was 2015…

This was 2016…

And this is now…

I found after being really disciplined and losing a lot of weight that people would constantly tell me how amazing I’d done and that tricked me into over-confidence. It made me feel like I could relax. I’d ‘made it’.

And once you lose your discipline… I was quickly back into secret eating, heavy drinking, all the rest of it.

I’m now trying to get the Mojo back and it’s not easy. But these images are there to remind me and anyone else that has had this problem that weight can be lost at STAGGERING rates if you focus.

I will keep everyone updated on progress. Current weight, 21st 5lbs.


We’ve all had struggles mate, in 2016 I lost 7st from eating clean and training mean then 3 surgeries in 6 months knocked me off course & I put it all back on.
12 months later & im back on it currently 2st down with big plans in the new year! Stay focused & keep motivated towards your goals.


After dropping from 125kg to 89.7 I have noticed the weight creeping back on. It’s not a massive gain but at 94.8 (I did go back up 98) I think I now have the ability/experience/knowledge (I don’t know what word to use here) to see it and stop it. Though I am struggling to get my mojo back and am hovering around 94-96.
Exercise is OK. Intake is not OK these days.


I did great lost seven stone and then tried to up calories to build muscle but bad habits crept back in and I’m struggling to get my mojo back.
Training is great diets shite with sneaky snacks I’m not counting.
Kick up the arse day today .


@TonyC hi , I am had the same problem trying to get on track, for the past 2-3 months , still going to gym but no really feeling it ! I spoke to my PT Trainier, sad not beat myself up but it’s rough plus the stress of running my own business has not helped then Xmas on top of that !! Any tony I sure there a light at the end of tunnel, but I am still in the dark :crazy_face::joy::joy: best of luck !!


Yeah I can’t put my finger on it , gym this morning .
I’m going to try to write everything I eat to see if I can make sense of it and motivate myself into weight loss again.
Stress aswell I’m selling a house , work shite which is hampering motivation.
Good luck though


My story is just the same. I can shed weight quickly and then stop. Thats bad because it returns too easily.
Now I am trying to change my lifestyle completely and loose weight slowly.
Was 253 lbs at the beginning of September and now 240 lbs and have been for a few weeks. Not giving in but at this time of the year binge drinking is the killer. Target 200 lbs by Easter.


It is, like you say, extremely common. I lost almost 70lbs a few years ago and am now heavier than ever after putting it all back on. I’m annoyed at myself for getting to this point but I’ve found that the only way to move forward and to start losing again is to give myself a break - yes, I make excuses for it but tbh they’re pretty valid excuses, having a baby, moving house, time spent in hospital with sepsis and recovery from that which has been really tough to get over…life happens and that’s ok. I’ve spent the last year hating myself and it’s only added to the problem.

As long as you don’t give up completely, I think you’re doing ok :wink: