Getting The Most Out Of MVFIA Teams


This thread is an open one for all the guys doing the MVFIA Teams.
Some teams perform better than others and looking over the past teams I have been on, I can see a pattern forming of the better ones.
So I thought it would be good for guys to share what makes some Teams the successes they are.
Please post your thoughts here. Then hopefully more teams will get a full team past the 30 day finish line and we will all lose our target weights.



Some things we all do on the MVFIA TEAMS, like logging our food for the day, or what exercise we have done.

Recently I have found logging my positives and negatives for the day has helped me focus on where I am going in my battle with the bulge.
It’s not my idea. I stole it from one of my other team mates.
I enjoy and benefit from reading the other guys daily positives and negatives.

Mine for today were:

Positives: Went to the pub and drank soda water with friends and really enjoyed myself. I didn’t miss my cider at all.
Negatives: tonight I fell off the waggon and for the first time in months, I ate biscuits. I didn’t even enjoy the first one.

Additional Positive: even though I fell off the waggon, it was still mindful eating and I stopped at six biscuits and put the lid on the barrel and put the tin away. Two months ago I would have eaten the whole packet and not stopped until the pack was empty.


I agree @Jaxom. I also feel that the connection you have to a group can hugely effect how much weight you drop - I’ve examples of both good and not so good.

Logging food intake and activities is great but often it’s knowing that you’ve got 5 or 6 guys who are really key within the 30 days to be there and support you (yes I know there are '000s of guys on the ‘main board’ too :smile:)

Will try your suggestion of positives and negatives to focus my attentions



Hi Chris

What will be your starting weight for your next Group? I’m weighing in tomorrow, after meal out tonight!

Going to put together ‘The Plan’ for next four weeks tomorrow. What will be your plan? Bon Chance with new group…


Hey @Stick great to hear from you mate. I’m into day 4 of my new group. Started 14st 8lbs currently at 14st 5lbs.

Having homemade pizza tonight though!!


I’m finding my group extremely valuable. I’m not quite sure why sharing a food and activity diary with a bunch of completely unknown blokes on the internet helps, but it does. Maybe because I know that if I backslide I’ve got to admit it helps to keep me on the straight and narrow.

But the twice daily discipline of posting is essential.


My first team (Trips) included @geoffbeckett and @CatManDo. Having two ‘old-timers’, if that’s not an insult (it’s not supposed to be) made a big difference.

I think it might make sense to offer more tips to each new team on some things they can do other than just list food eaten.

weekly weigh in
thoughts/reflections on the week
plans for next week

The best stuff I’ve had from the teams (and I’m only on my second) is when we engage in discussion. It doesn’t matter about the discussion, or even if you agree or not, but all the time it strengthens the resolve to the cause amongst the group.

The format is pretty spot-on though


Maybe this is the place to ask a stupid newbie question that’s been troubling me for a while, but one I’m too scared to ask;

What does the “IA” in MVFIA" stand for?


insane accountability


For me it’s about getting the really high quality content in the MVFIA groups onto the main forum as well. There are some brilliant tips, recipes, ideas, support that all go on which would be great for the whole forum. Don’t know how to flag that for sharing though (unless we use the flag function) or maybe we could create a new account @frontpage which when it gets called is automatically considered for the front page.

Other than that I think the best value comes from giving a shit what your team mates are doing. I’ve been terrible at that this time round (time pressures, pressure pressures) but I still love to see them doing well. I think that’s what causes great bonds.


Having @frontpage is a good idea. But getting guys to use it might be difficult. What you really need is a button guys can click who read a post, as the author might not think his post is worthy of sharing.
How about a star symbol that is labled “Fab Idea” ?


There will be a new feature starting with all the new teams I start for a bit.
It’s a trial to see how it goes and if it works.

All teams will have a Weekly Weigh In Thead pinned at the top of their group.

Each person will be responsible for editing their weekly weigh in.
If groups are weighing twice a week, as I know some groups do, then please edit twice a week on the relevent days.

Your post should look a little like this.

Day one weight:

Week one weight:
Week two weight
Week three weight:
Week four weight:
Day thirtyone weight:

I hope this is understandable :slight_smile: