Gloucester League


Anyone have any information about the planned Gloucester league I’m on the waiting list is anyone else waiting too?


Hey welcome @Beazneez!

The Gloucester league currently has 17 people registered against it. Once it hits 30 we will get the ball rolling on trying to build a partnership in the area and sourcing a venue.

Check out this post below for some ideas on pushing the numbers


Is there a latest update on numbers for the Gloucester league?
Myself and a mate are looking to sign up


Hello @fusiliers - Gloucester are up to 22 players at the moment, keep pushing that to everyone so we can get up to the minimum required number, which is 30.


Hi, any news on the head count at the moment, if we are still lacking a few id be happy to put forward a donation to get the ball rolling?


I’ve signed up today so hopefully we’re close to 30 now :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: