What’s the story with the amount of players, are we close??


Hello @Alfie Gloucester is currently sitting on 28 players so very nearly at the stage where we press the go live button. If you can spread the word as much as possible there’s a good chance we’ll be able to get things started in terms of venue, coach recruitment etc in the New Year.
One great way of creating sign ups is to use local news/community groups on facebook, things like bring and buy pages etc. I use them all the time in Taunton and the Telford league has recruited loads using them so feel free to give that a go if you can.
The league homepage for Gloucester is and anyone interested can sign up there.


Hi @smithr82 thanks for the update, I was browsing the site and saw on 28 so it’s made me take the plunge and sign up :blush:


Good man, you won’t regret it I can promise you that. We just need to get the numbers up before we press the live button