Go easy on me, I'm new

Hello users

Just a short introduction…

Seen this ManvsFat today on the news and thought I would give it a go,

My name is Luke, I’m 27 and from Wolverhampton, (Wolves Ay We)

I’m just over 20 stone, (last time I weighed myself).
I do go to the gym regularly, I’m into bodybuilding stuff and abit of strength every now and again.
Been going gym for like 6 years now but training proper for like 2-3 years of that.

I enjoy the training part but not dieting part, I eat healthy all week pretty much but binge eat on the weekend.
I rarely do cardio as this is to why I think the football side would be perfect.
And I haven’t played footie since school/college!

I’m a multi-skilled engineer and I’m mobile so a lot of the time I’m driving, so either through boredom I snack and sitting down for long periods of time doesn’t help.

I think this man vs fat is a brilliant idea and hope to get started soon.



Welcome! Great to have you here. Are you joining a league? If not you might want to try one of the 30 day online groups we do. Other than that just let us know how we can help!

Welcome and best of luck mate.

My old man is an engineer but spends the vast majority of his time driving around to different jobs. Not sure if this advice is of any use but he preps 2 or 3 healthy snacks every night and has got into the habit of doing so, and it’s now second nature. Helps him to stop buying crap at service stations. It’s an effort, but definitely worth it in the long run.

Re: cardio, definitely try and mix a bit in. Doesn’t have to be running, even the X-Trainer at the gym for 15 minutes after a weight session will make a difference and you might find you really enjoy it. I am the opposite of you, in that I never lifted weights and only ever did cardio…after a few weeks of mixing it up, I’m loving the weight training.

Cheers mate, thanks for the advice I will try to mix up my sessions accordingly, I know cardio after weight training is a good fat burner, sometimes I just rush off back home due to my partner working evenings, suppose I will have to cut short the weightlifting by 10-15 minutes.
The health snacks will also help my bank balance!!

I would like to join a league if you could point me in the right direction?? Been a while since I played some footy, I will try this 30 day trial also yeah?
Also how do I stop my emails from you guys going to junk? Didn’t realise I had replies to this forum!

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Hey @Luk3Nuk3m
The football is listed here: http://manvfatfootball.com

In order to stop it from going into your junk email I suggest adding the email address it’s coming from into your address book and also marking the email as not spam :slight_smile:

You can join a 30 day online group as per admin above here:


Ok, thanks, I’m ready for that then, when do I start?

Also in regards to football, I did sign up a few weeks ago, it’s a free league by me, what happens now? Do I just wait? Haven’t heard anything for a while now


@Luk3Nuk3m Unfortunately there is currently a waiting list - as you can imagine with it also being a free league there was quite a lot of interest as well as the league now having started already. As soon as there is a space Luke I am sure someone will get in contact.


Just starting on here myself. Not currently looking for a football league as I an still actively involved in football as a linesman (can’t bring myself to call it assistant referee) at the lower end of senior football. Just going into pre-season friendly time, so will be using that for much of my exercise. Need to get the eating/diet side balance right, starting with no after game beer and takeaway.

Ok that’s no problem, hopefully something happens soon then, cheers mate.

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Sounds like a plan, also save some money!
I’m looking into different diets myself, I want something that is easy to cook, without buying expensive ingredients and not to much faffing about.
Was thinking about keto diet as I do go gym regularly, so the high protein will be beneficial.

Ha Ha. Yes.
Removing temptation and generally making better and healthier choices in what I eat will reduce the calorie intake and coupled with the football should start me moving in the right direction. Also need to make regular exercise part of the plan, not just the one or two times a week at a game.
Have set myself a 50lb target so need some discipline.
Good luck along the journey.

You too mate! Try going for a walk first thing in the morning (get up a hour early) on a empty stomach, put a hoody on so you can have a sweat, fasted cardio is really good fat burner, I done it for two weeks and lost some stomach fat, wish I kept it up now, but I have restarted doing it again, great fat burner and good start to the day, even better if you have a dog, do them the world of good

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That’s a good idea. I am aware that I am least active in the morning since I retired, and especially on days, like today, when I had a football match the previous evening. In the past I have just given in to the aches and pains, had a lie in and chilled out. Getting moving more will also help with mobility and loosen up the aching muscles and joints I guess.

my brother in law is doing a 7 minute workout/ cardio every morning…he has lost loads of weight, he looks and feels great…
I don’t need to put a hoody on to help me sweat!!!
think I will start a bit of a cardio session before my breakfast tomoz!!!

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